You Can Still Make Money From Your Job After You Retire

You Can Still Make Money From Your Job After You Retire

You Can Still Make Money From Your Job After You Retire.

(Updated 27 October 2019)

If you’re like most readers who drop by here, you are interested in two primary questions:

How can I earn money to live in the Philippines?

And how can I find something to do in retirement which will be satisfying, rewarding and (maybe) even profitable?

Easy, I’ll Get A Job

If you’ve visited this blog before,  you already know I STRONGLY recommend that foreigners do NOT try to find a job in the Philippines.  In many cases, it may be illegal.  It will also involve very low wages and long tiring hours, and (at least in my personal opinion) it’s morally wrong for a foreigner with a pension income to try to take a job from a Filipino with a family to support.

Read more about why you don’t want a job here: 10 Reasons You Don’t Want A Job In The Philippines

Or, I’ll Start a Philippine Business

Well, in many cases you will run into the same sort of problems you’ll face with a Philippine job.

Many businesses are not legal for a foreigner to own or operate.

Most businesses foreigners think of in the Philippines have low margins/low-profit potential.

And a great many foreigners I have dealt with have a rather arrogant opinion regarding how things are “better” back in their own country and everything with a Filipino business will be alright and things will run smoothly once a foreigner “shows them how”.

I have news for you on that.  Philippine businesses have been running, in some cases for hundreds of years, and a foreigner is often not going to “out-Filipino a Filipino” on his home turf.  It’s better not to try.

OK, So That’s All Pretty Negative … What’s Your Suggestion?

Clearly, if you need to make some money and a local job or business is not a good choice, you need a specific slot or niche where you have experience and where you are expert enough to have earned a living for some years.

Your best niche opportunity may be already staring you in the face.

If you have a job now or have had a job, did you ever consider how you could use that knowledge and experience for a niche website or business?

It makes sense.

Most people know their job well. After all, you spent 8 hours or more per day for years.

While it may not be your first pick, it may just be the smart pick.

Because you know so much about it that you could get up and running much faster.

What’s your background?

Is there a way to fast-track that knowledge and experience into a lucrative blog?

Here are some excerpts that I’ve chosen as the best possibilities, clipped for a pretty exhaustive list by my colleague Jon Dykstra of

I suggest you read Jon’s list for further info and research ideas.

I’m certainly not going over 64 career ideas here, but I want to highlight a few of Jon’s best bets as well as some potential careers Jon didn’t mention.

64 Careers that Make for Great Niche Websites and Blogs

Appliance repair person

Who else knows appliances as well as an experienced appliance repair person? Nobody. We’re hired appliance repair people and it’s amazing how much they know about the latest appliances – which are good and which are bad. This type of knowledge and experience could result in an amazingly helpful appliance website.

How many of you reading this have plenty of experience in appliance repair?

Probably only a few who had this as their formal job, but for myself, as an example, I have more than 50 years fixing recalcitrant washers, dryers, vacuums and such.  I knew where to find repair parts where I used yo live in the States, and today, I have eBay at my disposal to source repair parts almost anywhere.

If you could write 8 or 10 solid pages on different aspects of repairing common appliances, post them as a bog and start conversing on a Facebook page and in blog comments you’d be on your way to an income stream.

Income sources would include pay per click ads (like Google Adwords), affiliate commissions on technical properties like appliance repair “how-to” books and video courses and, perhaps, your own Youtube channel where you could review and comment on the hundreds of “how-to” videos already populating Youtube.


People are wild about baking of all types so if you’re a baker by trade, you could knock it out of the park online. You could cover baking generally or niche down. Topics include:

Bread and baked goods
Specific dietary baking ideas (i.e. gluten-free).

Jon certainly hit the mark on this one.

I would add that the potential for specialty baked goods recipes … like low-carb (keto) dishes, specialty cakes (even here in the Philippines, fancy birthday cakes are expensive, high-profit items) … which cost a LOT less to make than what bakeries charge for them.

Make some simple Youtube videos, some short cookbooks (published and sold on Amazon’s Kindle electronic publishing platform and the Create Space print-on-demand service for the paperback consumer), and watch the profits begin to trickle in.

Then partner with baking accessory companies, oven manufacturers, wholesale suppliers … all readily available with affiliate marketing plans.

Car Salesperson

Car blogs are popular so if you know cars as a result of being a veteran car salesperson, you could start a car blog. You could focus on a particular brand (i.e. Mercedes), type of car (Crossover) or cars generally.

When I was in the market for a car, I spent hours reading multiple car blogs about the vehicles on my shortlist. In fact, reading about the different options online helped me make a choice. I enjoyed the process as well.

This is another one where Jon is on the mark,  In fact, I think there is a huge potential here.

Here’s a guy (Flying Wheels) who owns and operates a used car and car repair business that has a popular Youtube channel.  Based on what I know about Youtube payments, I’d estimate he’s making close to $2000 USD per month just from his Youtube channel.  No reason you couldn’t replicate that,


I don’t have to tell you that food blogs are popular. It’s hard to break into it and you’ll need to be persistent, but if you’re a chef who can come up with great unique recipes, you’ll have a leg up on the many food blog hacks out there who aren’t very good.

When people start trusting your recipes, they’ll visit your site all the time because they need ideas for dinners all the time. I know firsthand that it sucks trying to find good recipes so when you find a blogger who consistently publishes excellent recipes, it’s a keeper (as in, it gets bookmarked).

Jon is right on target here, but I have been watching an even bigger food-related topic, which many of you are expert in.

One look at mt=y waistline and you’ll know I am an expert ;-).


Food blogs have never been more popular.  If you can cook anything at all, or if you are good at stretching a food budget and still keeping your children interested in eating, there’s an open highway of opportunity out there for you.

Here are a couple of blogs that are a bit about cooking … recipes here, but no professional chefs allowed.  I’m including these two because they are among my favorites, almost anyone with an interest in the subject could emulate them, and because they are both family-run, from home and net their creators well over 6 figures (US Dollars) per year.

A Pinch of Yum

100 Days of Real Food

That’s right, you and your wife could earn $6 figures a year just by writing about food!

But Wait, There’s More

Check out this guy (whose mother never taught him not to talk with his mouth full), Mike Chen, known on Youtube as Strictly Dumpling.

I’m not sure what Mike did for a living before Youtube. but I can tell you that you are qualified to start a Youtube channel and be as big a success as he is.  All he does is eat … and talk while he’s eating, and then eat some more.

The amazing part is, I have it on pretty good authority that Mike grosses more than $700,000 USD per year from his channel.

A camera and an appetite, that’s all it takes!


You Can Still Make Money From Your Job After You RetireI’m subscribed to pilot threads on Quora. I’m fascinated by flight, military planes and commercial flight in general. I don’t have a pilot’s license and probably won’t get one, but I find the career an interesting one. I know two commercial pilots as well. I have to restrain myself from bombarding them with too many questions about their work.

My point is a lot of people are interested in piloting aircraft.

I also think being a pilot offers a good background for travel blogs from a pilot’s perspective.

I encourage you to read the rest of Jon’s article, but I am going to call it quits for now with this idea of Jon’s

I have been a licensed pilot for 55 years now.  Although I never earned my living as a pilot I have a really broad background in aviation and it has been my lifetime fascination.

Today there’s a significant worldwide pilot shortage, and there has bever been a better time to write about:

  • Pilot “war stories”
  • Accidents and why they happened and how to prevent them
  • How to Learn to Fly economically
  • How to find that elusive airline job
  • How to find useful family aircraft that sell for way less than cars do today

And the list goes on and on.

What Life Experiences Do You Have That You Could Pass On?

Some Things To Think About While You’re Still Working

One other thing to note is you don’t have to quit your job or career to publish a blog.

Maybe you love what you do and want to keep doing it. That’s great. You can moonlight with your website and if you make a few extra bucks, that’s a bonus.

Heck, you might make a lot of extra bucks which never hurt anyone.

Depending on your career, you could use your blog to drum up more business or advance your career/business as an online expert.

This is a common practice and can work really, really well.

This last tip from Jon is very important.

I hear from people fairly frequently asking me about businesses they could start in the Philippines.

They also want to know about starting a blog or a Youtube channel or some such idea.

But they often seem to be focussed on the idea that they will only get into a project like that AFTER they retire and move to the Philippines.  To my way of thinking and based on many years of personal expereince this is the WRONG way to approach it.

You should start now before you move to the Philippines, in building and developing what will support you after you make the move. Whatever choice you make, one thing is certain, it takes time to develop an income source.  Hit the ground running now and when you do make the move you will be far ahead of the game,

Trust me, if you take my advice on this you will be glad you did some years down the road.

So What Other Jobs can you think of where You Can Still Make Money From Your Job After You Retire?

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