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I recommend RapidVisa

Help With Getting Her Visa — Rapid Visa

(updated 12 November 2019)

OK, time to talk turkey here (after all, it’s now close to Thanksgiving, isn’t it?).

Query after query come to me here, and via email, about help in getting their Filipino friends, especially Pinay girlfriends, US B-2 Visitor Visas to enter the United States.

Normally this is a situation where I just can’t offer much hope.  It’s difficult, indeed, for a single, marriage-eligible female Philippine citizen to get a US Tourist visa.

But There Is Some Hope For Those Who Feel They Can’t Make The Grade

Now in the interest of full disclosure, if you follow one of my links to RapidVisa and, after carefully reviewing their products and support system, decide to purchase assistance from them, I make a small commission.

(There’s never any cost to you involved with this affiliate arrangement., but first and foremost, I always promise to be straight up and forthcoming with you, my readers.)

Many of you know I have recommended RapidVisa on this site in the past.  And  I certainly still do.

Here’s a few of my previous visa articles:

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But you are likely to be wondering, “Does Dave just promote this company because they pay him a commission”?

Well, that’s a fair question, and the answer is, “No, I would steer you in their direction even if they didn’t pay a cent”.

The reason is, those of you with US visa questions have a real need for assistance, and my time is limited and my experience is … well, slight to say the least.

Best In The Business

These folks are, I believe, the best in the business, and they offer a ton of help and valid advice even for the folks who just visit their site and don’t buy anything.

In short, you can not possibly go wrong in taking a look and evaluating their services.

Here are a few of the reasons I recommend RapidVisa:

I recommend RapidVisaWhat Does RapidVisa Actually Do?
Firstly, We’re Not Affiliated With the Government

Some companies in our industry will disguise their websites to appear to be official government websites, with a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the site. Their logos, colors and fonts are akin to what you’d see at a true government site (ie. Statue of Liberty/US Flag/Round Seal-Logo). These companies tend to have many BBB complaints, and a quick online search of their reputation instantly exposes their folly.

We don’t want people to mistake us for the government. Unlike some competitors, we go out of our way to make this clear throughout our website, in our branding, in our logo, in our company name, and in the superb services we offer.

That says a lot for me.

For years now I have seen various companies trying to pass themselves off as “experts” who start out by taking free, taxpayer-funded government forms and attempting to sell them to visa applicants who just did not know where to find them online.  Sickening, and borderline illegal.

Now once you have the forms in your hand or on your computer screen, what do you do with them?

Well, you can certainly fill out and submit everything on your own.  It’s your right, and thousands of people do so every year.

But most people feel lost and think they need some expert advice.

That’s where RapidVisa comes into the picture.  They are helpful but totally honest.

We Don’t Offer Legal Advice or Representation

While we do have lawyers who we work with to hold ourselves to the highest standards, we do not offer legal help. For more info see our article, “Do I Need an Attorney for my Visa?“. A lot of content out on the web tends to scare the public into making them think they need a lawyer. Not coincidentally, this content is always put out by lawyers. To abate these fears in using our services or doing it yourself, see our article, “3 Lawyer’s Concerns About RapidVisa Debunked“. 

So, in my opinion anyway, you don’t need a lawyer and frankly, people who specialize in visa submissions and approvals are often better, faster, cheaper.

A Little of what you can expect from RapidVisa

Finally, Here’s What We Actually Do

Much like some extremely reputable companies in paralleling industries, such as TurboTax or LegalZoom, we’ve built state of the art cloud software that takes the pain out of the immigration process. But we offer more than just an online form simplifier. We typically help our customers for several months to a year, all for one flat fee.

What exactly are you paying for?

Full Phone Support 7 Days a Week

Our several dozen staff are trained to take your calls to help customers with the many questions they have along the way (Not legal questions!). Our phones are answered by our in-house employees who undergo at least 3 months of training before taking a call and not outsourced to a third party. This support is offered in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Tagalog, Cebuano, Waray, Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a, Kapampangan and Ilokano!

Live Chat Support 7 Days a Week

Even long after you pay, chances are you will have many quick questions come up along your journey, that the convenience of chat will be more valuable to you than you even realize. We handle tens of thousands of live chats every year, and have won awards for our level of service.

Secure Drop Box for Transferring Files

Each customer gets access to secure document transfer. This is including not only the documents we generate, but sensitive documents customers need to share with us, like marriage certificates, birth certificates, bank statements, and many more. This saves on postage and increases speed of the entire process.

Secure Account Accessible from Anywhere in the World

We store your account no matter how much information you have entered, and for however long it takes you to finally petition. Some customers take quite some time gathering obscure information to answer our questionnaire and the convenience of this info saving along the way is not offered by most, if any, competitors. Additionally, both the alien and petitioner can access this account simultaneously to enter their respective sections. We even save the information in your account for when you need to apply for subsequent steps of the immigration process, making the next steps astronomically more convenient.

Document Preparation, Review & Submission

Not only does our software generate a packet that is customized with specific forms needed based on your answers, but it generates a unique checklist of supporting items to include in your petition. These forms and items could vary based on things like: do you have children; have you been previously married; what country is the alien coming from; many more. To do this manually is time consuming and risky. Apart from the automated aspects, we also have 3 humans review each petition for accuracy, typos, mistakes and to ensure all evidence is included. A full staff of petition assembly members make sure everything is 100% complete before going out to the USCIS. Catching a simple missing signature can save weeks off the overall time.

Postage Fees & Petition Materials

Included in our Premium Review Service is the postage fees from USPS Priority Mail, and all the folders, photo enclosures and other materials needed to professionally assemble your petition. We even offer the convenience of our commercial printers and shredders when needed.

All this is great, and far exceeds the resources of any other visa submission/support company that I know of.

But Here’s What Really Sets RapidVisa apart

Physical Offices For Walk-In Support

We have 4 offices in 3 countries, all fully staffed and able to take walk-ins. A walk-in can take up to an hour or more of free consultation answering questions and concerns about the process. Have a cup of coffee and get to know our names, and get the peace of mind that we’re going to do everything we can to get your application submitted 100% accurately and swiftly. Our offices in Philippines and China are conveniently located right next to the US embassies, where you will take your visa interview. Before the interview, you may want to stop in just to make sure everything is in order, or print some last minute items, all included in your flat fee.

Why Are Physical Offices In THe Philippines Important?

When my wife and I processed the application for her US fiancée’ visa, many things required were simple enough.  I’m lucky, because my wife to be was college-educated, lived and worked in Metro Manila, had worked abroad in several countries and so had a good deal of familiarity with government forms.

Many great girls from the Philippines have no such experience, though and find forms like the G-325 Biographic Information form intimidating.  One particular problem is that the common Philippines ways of expressing street or mailing addresses don’t always match up with standardized US forms.

Having a local, Filipino representative to consult would have made the whole process much, much simpler.

And the provision to stop in and review the visa application before the actual embassy interview sounds priceless in many cases.

And Last But Not Least The RapidVisa Payment Options Are Great

One thing which trips up many visa applicants is the upfront payment for visa processing fees.  The USCIS, for example, does NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS.

Charging Government Fees to a Credit Card

The government only accepts checks and money orders. We offer a convenient service of allowing you to let us charge your card, and then we write a check to the government for you.

Payment Plans (Including USCIS Filing Fee!)

We have created a service nobody else (to our knowledge) has been able to do. We can actually finance your entire petition filing, including the USCIS filing fee. We don’t even do a credit check. We want you to reunite with your loved ones, so we offer this service to broaden it to as many as possible. We don’t even charge accruing interest. Just a flat fee divided into 6 payments. For more information on the installment plan go here.

Money-Back Guarantee

We have done a lot to maintain a 99.7% visa approval. Due to the fact we’ve done this many thousands of times, we’re familiar with every step of the process. We stand behind our experience with an approval guarantee.

SMS, Phone & Email Courtesy Notifications

We include all 3 of these ways to alert you of updates with your account. For example, our petition team discovers you have forgotten to include the appropriate passport photos. You will receive an automated phone call, email and text message alerting you that your petition is on hold until we get the passport photos. This service drastically reduces the amount of delays caused from missing items, which are more common than you may think.

Does This Make It A Bit More Clear?

Help With Getting Her Visa — Rapid Visa

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