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Something that could be

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(Updated 8 June 2020)

Many reading here are interested in moving to and living in the Philippines.  There are also many people “shopping around” for information on lots and it’s of other overseas countries.

Often they are talking about southeast east Asian countries because so many other great Asian locations are close to the Philippines.

Time Zones Away

But there are many Central and South American countries which have one big advantage over all Asian countries … they are on the same day as the USA and in various USA time zones … so you don’t have to deal with 12 and 13 hour time differences.

Ecuador is one of those countries.  It’s in the US Mountain Time zone and it doesn’t confuse everyone with idiotic US-style daylight savings time rules.

There are a significant number of US and Canadian expats in Ecuador.  Here are some of their thoughts and issues here, an interesting read.

So What Does Ths Have To Do With The Philippines?

Well not a lot, really, but noticing how desperately airlines are clinging to life these days and how many perfectly good and still “full of life” airliners are parked all over the world, I thought the idea these guys (the latest reincarnation of the historic US Eastern Airlines)had a good application that would serve both expats and Filipino travelers well.

For Example

The Boeing 767 is Avery comfortable, well-proven airplane.  It is about the smallest wide-body still in use, one of the most economical, and there are dozens of the “ER” (extended range) version parked. wishing they could be put to use, right now.

The three major cities/airports in the Philippines could serve any western US city non-stop from the Philippines.

With just one leased airplane a start-up company could get in 5 round trips per week, with 8 or 10 hours of scheduled maintenance with just the single aircraft.

Maybe this could never happen, but it would be nice to dream, wouldn’t it

Something that could be

The Expat Market — underserved

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