You Can’t Come To The Philippines Now

You Can't Come To The Philippines Now

There’s No Entry For Foreigners — Until Further Notice.

(Updated 12 May 2020)

I keep hearing a lot of conflicting rumors and questions fly about travel into the Philippines.

The situation is fluid and may change at any time, but this is the way things are today, 12 May 2020 (Philippines Standard Time) (e don’t serve that idiotic Daylight Time nonsense here in the Philippines)

First, let me give you the latest status quote from the NAIA Airport official Facebook page

You Can't Come To The Philippines NowAllow us to clarify to everyone that only repatriating Filipinos and their immediate family members will be allowed entry in the country.  (My emphasis)

Kindly note that last week, international inbound flights for OFWs and other overseas Filipinos were ordered to be temporarily suspended by the National Task Force (NTF) Against COVID-19 to ramp up the readiness of our country’s international gateway in handling arriving repatriates in so far as COVID-19 testing capability and quarantine facilities’ availability and readiness are concerned.

Let it be clear that the ban on foreign tourists and non-residents, except diplomats and heads/members of international missions, will continue to be enforced in the country, until further notice from the IATF.
Thank you.

Foreign Nationals except for diplomats are not going to be allowed entry to the Philippines until further notice.

Other Notifications Require Airlines To Inform All Passengers Before Boarding

Now, on the other hand, I notice there are now a lot more outbound passenger flights originating here.

No photo description available.

So that’s the news of the day on Philippines arrivals for foreigners.  For now,

You Can’t Come To The Philippines.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Come To The Philippines Now”

  1. I have been telling this to people for about the last 6 weeks or more, but few believe me. I know one guy who, after my advice, decided to go to the Philippines anyway. He has been stuck in Japan ever since.

    1. Hi Bob, nice to see you. Yeah, indeed, a LOT of people just can’t seem to accept the fact that the Philippines has its own rules and they are enforcing the rules. The Phils government tasks the airlines to inform passengers of this before they board, but in my experience, many airlines don’t pay any attention until the last leg of a flight that finally arrives in the Philippines. If that happens, say in Japan, well you are stuck in Japan ($$$), or stuck finding a flight back home. I haven’t been writing hardly at all during this whole pandemic issue …mainly because as you well know also … many people only pay attention to what they want to hear.

      For those who do make it through the immigration gate, there is a mandatory testing confinement … they test you and escort you to a government-contracted hotel (which you have to pay for) and test you (which you have to pay for) and then you wait for the test results. Many people are complaining at the time testing takes … I’ve heard as many as 20 days! A good time NOT to travel to the Philippines.

      1. Interesting. Not sure if you are aware, but I tested positive for COVID about 3 weeks ago. Thankfully it took only 24 hours to get test results. I was asymptomatic more or less the entire time (a couple very minor symptoms), and am not free of it.

        I hope you are doing well.

        1. Hi Bob, we are all doing well, physically. Mentally I’m doing a lot less well than I have been. After telling us for nearly a week that the stringent, one person at a time (and no seniors outside, ever) lockdown was being relaxed after tomorrow, I just found out today that the decision has been reversed and we’re in for another 15 days at least. Not happy, but it is what it is. I could come back to the US any day, but what would I be getting into? Disjoint rules, state by state. armed terrorists occupying state capitals, etc., etc.

          It’s funny how so many Americans here, having heard of the restrictions back two months ago, made lots of snide remarks about the Filipinos obeying … yet here in the Phils I see much more adherence to government guidelines than what I see daily in the news from the USA. I could write a lot more but looking back over what I’ve written here, I’m already too negative with my depression kicking in full force.

          I hope your cases gets resolved favorably real soon and that the rest of the family comes through well too. Be well

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