Work From Home In The Philippines

work from home in the philippines

Work From Home In The Philippines

(Updated 30 Nov 2019)

I recently released an article on this subject, but there were some things I didn’t mention in that article that ought to be made clear.

You should read my first article to get more idea of what I am talking about.

Online Jobs At Home In The Philippines —September 2019

Go ahead, I’ll wait right here for you.

Now in that article, I talked about the possibility of bringing along your old job or self-operated business as a reliable source of income here in the Philippines.

More people than just the two I mentioned have done that and have done well, but the idea won’t work for many who are reading this.  So if you can’t “bring your current job to the Philippines”, what alternatives do you have?

The opportunities are Online and the Time Is Now, Not Later.

work from home in the philippinesOK, many of you already know that the real opportunities today are online.  (how many name-brand vacant stores are in your local mall?).  But why do you think I added the second phrase to the headline above … The Time Is Now, Not Later?

The reason for the “time is now” urging is that a great majority of my readers are folks who are thinking about (or seriously planning) moving to the Philippines “someday”.

Maybe it’s just for a better lifestyle or a better environment to raise their children.   Maybe it’s to make a decent pension that is not enough to live on in the USA go farther (US Military Pesnsns come to mind).

A military member can retire with about 20 year’s service and earn a very nice pension, but hardly any military retirees can live on their military retirement in the USA.  They have to start the job search all over again and begin at the bottom rung of some huge defense contractor or car sales dealer.  In the Philippines, the average retiree can raise his or her family nicely on a 20 year or more military retirement.

Or maybe you want to move to the Philippines for love … you’ve met a partner you want to stay with for life and there’s no practical way to bring him or her to the USA?

Whatever Your Reason. “Someday” Will Come.

When “someday” does come, will you be ready?

In my opinion, you probably won’t, unless you are earning a lot of money now and saving way more of it than the average American wage-earner does.  The “magic day” when you can retire comes along and son of a gun, you want to pull the plug and move to the Philippines (or wherever else you have been dreaming of) and you don’t feel you can, because there’s not enough money in the bank.

In My Opinion, There’s Never Going To Be “Enough”

You can save all you want, and you can make wise investments but you are never going to get past the idea of someday running out of money.

So this is my patented, trademarked, totally private solution to the problem

(No, this is a joke, there are no patents or secrets involved here)

Just One Thing, Done Now, Will Insure Your Future

Start your own online business, now, _BEFORE_ someday gets here.  Advantages to “getting going” now:

  1.  Every business venture starts for zero and takes time to grow.  You don’t want to be at a “zero income” rate when you’ve already made the move and have no other source of income.
  2. Everyone trying to start and run a business has to lean.  Now is the time to learn, nit after you have pulled up stakes and made the move.

The time to get started is now.  Then, when “someday” comes you’ll already be making progress and gaining a nice income that will follow you to the Philippines (or anywhere else you chose).

The Biggest Bogus Excuse I Hear, Every day

I don’t know how is not a valid excuse.  Here’s some excellent thoughts from my colleague, Steve on this subject

“I Don’t Know How”

When you say something like this:


I wish I could write better, but my writing skills aren’t very good.

… many intelligent, self-directed people are actually hearing this:


I wish I could write better, but I’m too lazy and undisciplined to do anything about it. I also have low self-esteem, which prevents me from believing I can correct this deficiency. You should probably avoid me and spend your time with someone more worthy.


As an adult you’re responsible for your own education. If you find it deficient in some area, educate yourself into proficiency.


Many people find their early education lacking when they reach adulthood. No one really knows what knowledge and skills will be important to you later in life. So they guess and they often guess wrong.


My early education was amazing in core subjects like English, math, science, and U.S. and European history. It also did a good job of teaching service to others, self-discipline, and character building. I’m lucky to have attended 12 years of private school, where the standards and quality of instruction were significantly higher than what my public school counterparts experienced.


I don’t feel so lucky about all the religious nonsense that was drummed into me, but the secular subjects were taught in top-notch fashion.


As good as it was, my formal education was seriously lacking in other areas like computer programming, psychology, interpersonal communication, public speaking, how to set and achieve goals, how to build courage, and how to build and run a successful business.


Much of the technology I use today didn’t exist when I was in school. The first time I used the Internet was when I started college, and that was in the pre-Web days.


I certainly didn’t learn how to make a website or build an Internet business while I was in school.


In order to achieve my goals in life, I had to fill in many gaps in my formal education.


This required a disciplined approach to self-education. To this day I maintain this same discipline. I regularly identify gaps in my knowledge and skills that could hold me back from achieving my goals.


Then I set educational goals to fill in those gaps, and I work step by step to achieve those goals. Usually, this involves a combination of reading, connecting with experts and learning from them, and my own experimentation.


Never whine about your lack of skills or your weak education.


Never use a lack of know-how as an excuse for not being able to achieve a goal.


That’s low-class behavior, and it surely won’t help.


It’s also a great way to repel successful people from your life.


One of my friends refers to such irresponsible loser types as plankton.


That’s not a particularly compassionate label, but nor is “I don’t know how” a particularly good reason for failure….

So the choice is yours.  Want To Be A Sucess, Or Invent Reasons Your Can’t?


Di It Now, Not Later. Learn to work From Home In The Philippines.

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