We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

(Updated 13 August 2019)

I had quite a few more posts drafted for this week and following days but I have been busy with last-minute details of yet another trip back to the Philippines.

My wife and I came here to Florida with  (again) a half-hearted idea that we might buy a home here and move back to the USA.

We like Florida, especially this area of central Florida just north of Orlando, and we have family here so there is a lot that keeps drawing us here every few years.

But moving here would involve starting every single process of being a US resident all over again, from square one.  We have mutually decided it is not going to happen … at least this year.

Many of the reasons I already wrote about last year.  You might want to review them here:

Still Keeping Me Rudely Awake 2018

So are there Reasons Aside From Costs That Drove This Years’ Decision To Return?

Well yes, quite a few.  Here’s one:

This development is actually within walking distance to our present (fully-paid-for) home in Marilao … just north of Metro Manila (on the expressway to Cark and Subic Bay).

Here’s Another Reason

You know how everyone loves to write but how they hate NAIA airport in Manila?  Well, what if a brand new replacement was underway, six times the size, connected to the city by modern expressways and express trains?

“What If” is now here:

This airport is now fully approved and the permits to build are all awarded.  This is not some political government program that may lose funding at the whim of a political party.  It’s a project fully funded and controlled by the Sam Miguel Corporation (yeah, the guys who make the beer).

It will be built and then operated (as a profit-making venture) by San Miguel for 50 years after opening, so they plan to be in the airport business for quite a few days to come.

There Are Many Other Projects That Have Completed Over The 14 Years I’ve Been in the Philippines.

Backward this country is NOT.

Now, of course, the USA still certainly leads the way in things like health care costs and mass shootings and such, but to me, the Philippines (warts and all) is not at all what so many Americans like to call a “Third-World Country”.

One reason I dashed off this short article today was to take up a minor point which often irritates me.

“Third World” nations.

A great many of the people who virtually enjoy spouting off about the Philippines and other developing nations beings “Third World”, actually have no idea what the term really means.

The Philippines was never a “Third World” nation and now likely will never be.

The term dates back to the time of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, who served under President Dwight Eisenhower.

The “Cold War” was developing very quickly back in those days and the State Department coined the phrase to quickly identify which types of government various nations might favor or be governed by.  Here’s a good definition:

What Is Third World?

“Third World” is a phrase frequently used to describe a developing nation. Despite its current usage, the phrase emerged during the Cold War to identify countries whose views did not align with NATO and capitalism or the Soviet Union and communism. The First World described countries whose views aligned with NATO and capitalism and the Second World referred to countries that supported communism and the Soviet Union.

The Philippines Is Formerly A US Possession and Has Always Been A US Ally

And thus, “First World” from day one of the phre=ase being put into use.  So now you know.

A review of what we learned today:

  1.  There’s a lot of great living opportunities being built all over the Philippines these days.
  2.   The problem of overcrowed airports in the Philippines is being solved and in a big way.
  3.   The Philippines is and always was a First World Nation.

Gotta finish my packing my plane eaves very early in the morning.  Back to my regularly scheduled time and location in about 36 hours.  Glad I visited the States, but I am really happy to be going home

I guess we can really argue for a long time the question Is the Philippines Still a Third-World Country?






We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

2 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming”

  1. I was talking to an American the other day and he was asking if the Philippines has big hospitals. I tried not to sound like “McLaren Hospital, Flint” can never compare to hospitals like The Medical City and St. Lukes Hospital in BGC.

    Someone was talking about buffets like Old Country Buffet and Golden Corral. I don’t know but I have been to buffets like Spirals in Sofitel, Nui in Taguig, Vikings in SM Mall of Asia, the buffet of Manila Hotel. Honestly, the Philippines is not poor. If they were it is not the economy that is backward, it is the government that runs it.

    There are places in the US that makes Metro Manila look like it is the city in a First World country.

    1. @ Claudette

      Thanks again for contributing. Indeed there are plenty of things wrong with the Philippines, but then there are plenty of things wrong with the USA too (or any other country).

      Are there poor people in the Philippines? Oh my goodness yes … there’s poverty there that can make you cry just to see it, but to make the mistaken judgment that the whole country is poor, backward and lacking in initiative or results would be making a poor judgment.

      I’m in my 14th year of living here now and the progress I have seen in those years just amazes me sometimes. And don’t get me going on the food, LoL. I’m really trying to get my weight under control. My birthday is coming up in less than a month now, and I have a favorite nephew who shares the same birthday and I’m thinking about taking him to the Cafe Ilang-Ilang in the Manila hotel. The variety and quality of the food choices there rival any restaurant anywhere in the world, first world or third world.

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