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(Last updated 1 September 2019)

This was originally published many years ago, but it still gets traffic.  Obviously some of you are still searching for answers in this subject.  I’m trying to “clean house”.  There are well over 1000 articles here on PhilFAQS and I want to “clear out the deadwood”.  Should I keep this, update it or send it to the trash?

Top 10 Art Schools PhilippinesA lot of people search for and ask me direct questions on Art Schools in the Philippines.  Most art school candidates in the US never think of the Philippines when it comes to school but there can be some real advantages to attending school here.  The Philippines is a world center of artistic talent, especially in the performing arts area.


In particular, the costs will be lower … a lot lower in many cases and, if you’re a US Military Veteran with educational benefits you can go to school at a VA approved Philippine school and come out way ahead cost of living-wise.

To find out about VA-Approved schools visit the site of the only overseas VA Office (located in the US Embassy, Manila)

The top 10 art schools in the Philippines shake out something like this:

  1. Ateneo de Manila University
  2. University of the Philippines
  3. University of Santo Thomas
  4. De La Salle University
  5. Far Eastern University
  6. University of Asia and Pacific
  7. Mapua Institute of Technology
  8. University of the East (Manila)
  9. Aquinas University
  10. Silliman University

There may be others who would argue for a different ranking among these schools or that a few different ones should be on the list, but these are top-notch schools and you can not go wrong investigating them for yourself, your spouse or your children.

Good luck in finding a quality education with an international flair and a very affordable (by US standards) tuition bill.

Don’t forget, if you are currently living outside the Philippines and want to get a visa to stay here as longs you remain in school you can apply for a 9(F) Student Visa to avoid paying tourist visa fees and continually renewing your tourist visa.

Let me know your thoughts on Top 10 Art Schools in the Philippines.