There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic

There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic.

Updated 30 August 2018

If you are interested in learning how to make a living online (or off), I recommend you take the time to read this great article my blogging colleague Chad Hamzeh recently published.

Have you ever given advice to someone, and every action you suggested, they would give you a “ya but” type of answer.

Or they’d put up the next barrier in a never ending barrage of excuses as to why they can’t fix the problem they’re facing  (but are happy to tell you about).

I usually refer to this sort of action as “road blocking“.

What I’ve found is that people that do this, typically won’t  road block YOUR dreams and desires, but only theirs.

It’s an odd phenomenon.

A couple of my very close family members are/were like this.

They will tell you about a problem they’re having, and you will give what is a very simple solution.

Then the next barrier will come out of their mouth.

So you’ll give a relatively simple solution to that.

Until the point where the excuses & barriers they constantly come up with get so ridiculous that there isn’t even a point  in continuing conversation.

I see this SO much when it comes to income generation as well.

Before people even get started driving traffic or focusing in one method, they will tell you the reasons why it won’t work.

It’s like they’re professional skeptics, except being a skeptic doesn’t make you any money in the long run…. read Chad’s full article

Why I’m Quoting Chad Here:

I just had an experience a day or so back.  A fellow wrote and gave me the usual, last century sob story … “I came to the Philippines with no income and now I am broke … please help me find a job”.

Well, I won’t.  Can’t, really.

Asking me to find you a job is like asking me where to buy illicit drugs.  I don’t know any sources, and if I did I would not pass them on.

  • If you are addicted to cocaine, your only hope for a long and happy life is to get into a rehab program and work it hard.  If you keep giving in to your addiction, it will kill you
  • If you drink too much, better get into AA ASAP and work the 12 Step program, or alcohol will kill you eventually. and kill all the joy in the lives of those who are important to you.
  • If you are living off Social Security Disability, better “man up” and make a better life for yourself unless you just want to lay around like a baby and suck the government tit until it dries up.
  • And if you need an income … get busy and make money, for yourself.  Stop “Road blocking” yourself

Nobody’s Helping This Momma

Jobs are crooked

 There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic.

They steal your initiative.  They steal your self-worth.  They actually steal money out of your pocket … because typically, whatever you are getting paid, you are earning at least three times that amount for your boss … so why not earn for yourself?  Online or off.

Were you born weak and lazy, or did you just learn that way of living in your schooling?

I’ll close with a final thought from Chad which resonates very strongly with me:

… Stop road blocking… stop deflecting.

There are enough legitimate challenges you will face in your life without fabricating new ones simply because you don’t want to “waste your time”.

I guarantee that the more you launch, test, tweak… in any area of your life, the faster you will get what it is that you want.

Much faster than the road blocker, anyway

Question For Today:

Will you drive down life’s highway, enjoying the scenery and finding success along the way, or will you keep doing the same thing you have been doing for years now … sitting by the side of the road of life, wherever your car broke down, thinking up reasons “Why It Won’t Work”?

Or will you get busy and Make a Living?   There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic.