Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines

Another article on how to Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines, Dave?

Yep.  I just published one a day or two ago, and although there have been no comments so far, I can see a LOT of people have already been there and read it.

If you missed it, go take a look, Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines — No Website Required  I’ll be happy to wait.

The gist of that article was to use your writing skills .. even common ordinary business and personal English skills, to earn a living in the Philippines as a freelance researcher/ writer.  There is certainly a huge demand out there.

But I Hate Writing

Yeah, I hear a few of you saying that already.  No problem at all.  If you hate writing, but still want to earn a steady, reliable passive income from “the Internet”, here’s an idea I have not written about really often here … why not invest in a proven online business that has:

  • Proven income
  • Will stand up to due diligence scrutiny
  • Will continue earning as long as you want to earn from it
  • Can be sold in the future (even at a profit if you want to make improvements)
  • And, like the apartment houses, I was talking about here, this is something you can leave to your children, or to your widow if you’re worried about her income after you pass.

Don’t Build a Business, Buy It

Here’s a teaser to what I am talking about.  Yaro Starak, the fellow who wrote this article, is one of my oldest online colleagues.  he’s been earning a six-figure or more income for years now, and he is not a fly by night or “fast-talking” Internet marketing guru (I hate those sort of guys as much as you do).

A warning.  Yaro  _IS_ selling something but here’s why I am including his article:

  • You don’t have to buy a thing in order to learn
  • I recommend you do not buy anything until you have a clear concept of where buying something might help you.
  • If you do decide to buy, there are no hidden “upsells” or gotcha’s”, it’s 100% risk-free.
  • And, if you do buy, full disclosure< I will earn a commission which does not come out of your pocket.

Philly recommends, you leave your credit card in your wallet for now and read and learn something.  Trust me it is more valuable than yet another hour wasted on FaceBook.

Fears That Make You Fail before You Even Start

by Yaro Starak,

“I don’t have that kind of money!”

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines

The great thing about buying a blog is you can decide how “big” a start you want to make.

There are blogs that sell for $20K, $50K or even six or seven figures, but you don’t have to start there.

You can get started with just a couple of hundred dollars.

Buy a blog, grow it and then sell it and buy a bigger blog, or keep it and save up the cash flow to buy another blog.

When I bought a blog it cost me $2,000, which was about 10% of the entire income I earned in the previous year. It was not an easy decision, but it was important because it gave me the confidence to make bigger purchases in the future.

Later I bought sites for $12,000, and after that made a bid of $50,000 for a blog network.

I climbed the success ladder, starting small, learning, then increasing my threshold for how much I was willing to risk as my knowledge and confidence increased.

The truth is, like any investment you have to be prepared to lose your money. That’s why if you are completely new, you should start with a blog that costs only a few hundred dollars.

Consider this: Is there any other type of investment that you can start with such a small amount initially, earn a steady cash-flow from it, and potentially make as much as 1,000% ROI when you sell the asset two years later?

To get these kinds of returns in real estate or in the stock market requires you exposé yourself to a lot more debt.

If you buy a blog, the likely “worse case scenario” is selling the blog for the same price you paid, losing nothing and gaining a heck of a lot of experience.

Or, you might have a winner on your hands, like I did, selling the blog I bought for $2,000 for $25,000 just two years later. Plus I was making $1,000 per monththe entire time I owned the blog.

I can’t think of any better opportunity available to us right now. Don’t let this pass you by… (read more at or you can just

Make Money At Your Keyboard

There are Many Active Market Places To Buy Proven Web-based Businesses.

Here are just a few:


This business grew out of a great internet discussion forum some years ago.  They now sell thousands of web sites and other online businesses per year.

The sites sold her are always among the cheapest.  Although the management team has done a lot over the years to eliminate fraud and scams, this is still very much a “buyer beware” marketplace.

But if you do your own due diligence it is possible to get some great bargains on Flippa.

Empire Flippers

I know (online and in-person) the founders of this business.  They are from the US and came to the Philippines to start a business here.

Originally they built and sold small “niche” sites, but then decided that there was more money to be made and that they could provide more value by brokering web site sales.

Recognized by many as the top of the line in web site brokering, they have a very thorough vetting program.  You will not make a bad buy here if you follow their guidelines.


There’s a lot more to this story

But I thought I’d throw this out there and hope to get some discussion.  It’s really not that hard to find ecommerce websites and blogs that earn a few hundred to a few thousand per month for sale at attractive prices.  Easier than say building an apartment building and keeping it rented.

But maybe you guys hate this idea for how to Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines.

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