Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines — No Website Required

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines.

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines — No Website Required

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines.

(updated 19 January 2020)

I’m reposting this article by popular demand.

A lot of people I talk to make comments like, ”The people making money online are so clannish, they won’t tell anyone their “secrets” unless they pay them money for something”.

Well, I’m making money online and you certainly haven’t paid me anything … and I don’t want you to pay me anything, either.

But I am asking you to do me (and you) one simple favor ….

</Rant Mode On>


Don’t add on a comment or send me a personal email that asks me to “teach me how to do this”.  Anyone with normal English reading skills can read these words, follow the links I have provided, TAKE ACTION, and earn money online … with zero investment and without even having their own website.

BUT IT WILL NOT WORK if you don’t follow my suggestions and most importantly, DO SOMETHING

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What Got Me Started On This

A long-time friend of mine from a North American country recently retired from her “real job” here in the Philippines.  You know how famous I am for saying foreigners can’t find work in the Philippines.

(and mostly, I’m right … but there are exceptions to every rule).

My dear wife and I went to a very enjoyable lunch with this reader (at one of my fav places on Subic, the Casablanca).

One of the things my friend discussed was a desire to earn a bit of extra money … without entering back into the quagmire of a real J*O*B, and without the (perceived) hassles of becoming an actual “Online Entrepreneur”.

In other words, she didn’t want a blog or website.

Let me add something important here .. everything I am writing about in this article applies 100% to my valued Filipino readers too … this is absolutely not some “just for Foreigners” secret I am sharing here.

She Asked If I Had Any Ideas?

Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines.Yep, you bet I did, and it occurred to me also that I have been quite remiss in sharing some of them with the rest of my readers.  I’ll correct that error right now.

Online Freelance Writing

One of the almost certain things I know about every one of you reading these words is that you have:

  • A working knowledge of English
  • Access to a computer and the Internet
  • Ability to follow simple menus and click on links
  • An interest in making honest money online (or you would have clicked away by now)

Can Anyone Actually Make Money With Freelance Writing?

The answer to that question is a qualified “yes”.  It’s qualified by the disclaimer that:

  • Obviously, you have to be able to string some words and sentences together,
  • You have to be able to understand simple instructions,
  • You have to be willing to put in the hours (you did come looking for a job, didn’t you?)
  • You have to be willing to follow instructions and do what the boss tells you.

but you MOST assuredly don’t have to be a highly skilled author

(I would be a perfect example of a NOT skillful author … the typo and misspelling prone, dyslexic, high school dropout).

And (this is important boys and girls) you do NOT:

  • Need a website, blog or any other sort of online presence … an email address will do just fine.
  • Need to use your real name in public, become identified with any business or cause you don’t care to, etc.
  • Need to live in the US … this is excellent work to do in the Philippines
  • Need to have a foreign bank account to get paid … PayPal and an ATM card (available without a bank account in the Philippines) will do just fine.
  • Need to be a US citizen (or citizen of any country for that matter)
  • Need a working visa or any other impediments to employment … you will be an independent author, not an employee of anyone.
  • Need to pay one thin dime to start earning … this is very important, see below:

I Am NOT Talking About Online JOBS Here:  Beware, and Do NOT PAY Anyone … For Information, Lists, “Secret Formulas” etc. … There Is No Need!

I am sure that alongside this article and likely in a thousand other places you will see ads for “opportunities” like:

  • Type and Get Paid At Home,
  • Make Money Placing Ads,
  • Make a Living With Data Entry and
  • A whole raft of others.

Occasionally some of these deals may be legit, but most of them are scams .. pure and simple.

There Is No Need!

You don’t need ANY of them, especially the common ones that ask you to pay $59 bucks or whatever and they will “hook you up” with people who want to pay you to type or do some other job “from the comfort of your home”.

There may be nothing illegal about any of them, but the point is, there is absolutely no need to pay for any of this information.

I’m going to give you thousands of legit opportunities, for free, 100% for free, right down the page.  keep reading.

Special Note For The Actual “Real” Ads for Online Job:

Let us just suppose that you do answer one of these “type at home” deals, and it is a “real” job.

Someone wants to pay you, say $800 a month to type letters or be a “Virtual Assistant” or some such.

Let’s say you do your “due diligence”, the person offering the job is legit, they aren’t even charging you a fee for it, and everything about the deal is on the “Up and Up”.  Should you accept it?

I say “NO”.  Read this article if you haven’t already for at least 10 reasons why Taking a Job, Online or Off, is really screwing yourself.

So Dave, You Say I Should Not Take an $800 a Month “Legit” Job?

Absolutely Not!

And here’s why:

  • According to the best business schools’ “Rules Of Thumb” an employee should earn the employer about three times his or her salary.
  • So if you can produce $800 worth of typing (or any other “Job-related” work), you are earning your employer $2400 worth of business.
  • If your employer ISN’T getting $2400 worth of business out of your $800 salary, s/he’s a bad businessman, s/he’s going to go broke, and you don’t want the ensuing hassles.
  • If your employer IS earning $2400 a month out of his or her $800 investment in you, why the HELL would you sell yourself so cheaply?  Why don’t YOU make the $2400 a month instead?

I see this all the time and it saddens me.  People doing things like “online language instruction” for $600 or $800 a month while their boss charges clients three times as much.

All the “boss” does is buy the worker’s services for cheap and sell their services high.

The technical term for this is “Arbitrage”.  It’s not “slavery”, and it’s not, technically illegal, but it smells really, really bad to me.

Go visit and evaluate these sites and see what they offer:

(and, just so we are clear on this, I have no business connection with any of theses sites, I am earning no commissions or any other considerations for recommending them.  They charge NO fees to authors/contractors, and I recommend you PAY nothing and BUY nothing, at all … just sign up and earn if you find work you are qualified for.  There are many projects offered that are not just straight writing, by the way)

Some Further Information and “Proof”

In addition, you may find my colleague Tom Ewer’s story interesting.  Note especially his latest income report ?

Comments and feedback are always welcome, let me know what you think, good or bad about how to Make Money At Your Keyboard in the Philippines.

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