I Can’t Make Money Online in the Philippines, What Am I Doing Wrong?

How To Retire in the Philippines With No Money

I Can’t Make Money Online in the Philippines, What Am I Doing Wrong?

Make Money Online in the Philippines,

(Updated 11 August 2019)

A lot of my readers know that I write often about how to make money online in the Philippines.

In general, I don’t have a big preference for making money online over the more traditional methods, but trying to make money with a job in the Philippines, or a “dirt-based” business here in the Philippines is far, far more difficult than making money online.

But a lot of people firmly believe they CAN’T make money online.

Yes You Certainly CAN Make Money Online in the Philippines

Well, I submit that they can make money online in the Philippines or in any other country, but there are two thoughts that get in many people’s way …

Power Thought 1

First, making money online isn’t “easy” or “automatic”.  This troubles a lot of people who set put to make money online. They set up some venture that they expect to make money, turn on the “money switch” and sit back and wait.

If money doesn’t start flowing in within hours, they shut things off, say “I tru=ied that, and it’s a scam” and proceed to tell the world how you “can’t make money online”.

There’s really no such thing as “making money from the Internet”.

The “Internet” is a tool or a “platform” but by itself it pays nothing.  It’s like trying to “make money from a hammer”.

You can swing a hammer until your arm falls off, but the hammer won’t pay you a cent.

Or setting up a hot dog cart on the sidewalk.  You can make money at this under the right conditions, but you are NOT “Making Money From The Sidewalk”, you’re only making money from hungry people who want a hot dog.

A hot dog cart will not make you one red cent.

Power Thought 2

Secondly, making money online won’t happen just by wishing or talking about it.

In fact, the more time you spend on FaceBook, reading sites about the Philippines, buying books, watching videos, joining mastermind groups and all those other substitutes for actually “doing something”, the longer it will take to earn your first dollar.

But I Can’t Make Money Online in the Philippines

Here’s a pretty common comment I receive.  Let’s look at it in some detail.

For the past 6-8 months I’ve been trying to make money online.  I have tried:

  • AdSense,
  • affiliate marketing with Amazon
  • affiliate marketing with Clickbank,
  • blogging,
  • twitter “stuff”
  • and etc.

And I still have not made a cent. What am I doing wrong?

You’re Probably Doing a Lot Of Things Wrong

But I submit that the most important mistake is, you are “flitting about” from one idea to another without ever trying a specific technique and actually WORKING at it.

In 6 or 8 months you say you have “tried” approximately 6 or 8 different things.

How can any one of them actually “take root” and even begin to flourish in that amount of time?

Here are two powerful thoughts you have got to read, understand, and live by!

Quote - Nothing happens by accidentYou Must Focus

F.O.C.U.S.  (Follow One Course Until Successful)

It is certainly right that you should ask that question about “what am I doing wrong”?

But I think you already know the answer … you’re flitting about from one “shiny object” to another, just dabbling, “trying” with no hope or expectation of success, because you are stuck in that deadly game of “AIDS” … As If Doing Something.


You decide to build a website to attract readers and get paid when they click on AdSense ads.  There’s nothing wrong with this idea.  Thousands have succeeded before you, and thousands more will follow.

But after all the work if getting the site set up, you let it run for a month and see no profits, and BANG!

You decide it’s a failure and AdSense ads “don’t work” and you are …

On To The Next Idea

You rip everything apart and start trying to earn a commission from Amazon by selling physical products.

This idea will absolutely work too.

But it won’t happen in the first few weeks it takes you to do all the work to build and optimize the site for Amazon commissions.

Again, virtually no money comes in a month or so, so BANG!.

Amazon Associate sites don’t work, they are “a scam” so, ….

Off To The Next “Tryout”

Blow the site up and start building one to make ClickBank commissions.

The beat goes on.  You are putting in plenty of work.  No one will deny that.

But You’re Getting Nowhere Because You Won’t Develop Anything

You’re working like crazy at exactly the wrong thing to focus on.

Building websites makes you no money at all.  Never has, never will.

You can order hosting from a web company and buy domain names, sometimes very cheaply, by the dozens or even hundreds.

Building a website with WordPress normally takes only a few minutes and a few mouseclicks with many Internat suppliers.

But dozens or even hundreds of websites like this won’t make you a dime.

What Does Make Money Then?

Selling stuff on a website does.

All that work has led to nothing because you are not thinking about second “power thought”: getting on track with a single, definable idea and selling it.

make money online in the PhilippinesYou Must Persevere

It is impossible to have actually attempted to make money with all those methods enumerated above in 6 or 8 months.

There is no “Easy Button”.

Let’s take just one example from the comment.

AdSense.  It is absolutely possible to make money with AdSense.  I’m living proof.  I’ve been at it for more than 15 years now.

But I was working at making money with AdSense for more than 4 months before the first “paying” click ever came along.

I was more months and months before my account finally reached the magic $100 USD payout level and the dough actually showed up in my bank account.

If I had quit in the first month or so, I’d be yet another of those guys who fill the ‘Net with those negative thoughts and reports, telling any and all who will listen that “You Can’t Make Money With AdSense.”

You absolutely CAN make money with AdSense, but the “secret is no secret.

The key is, you can’t make money if you QUIT.

You only fail when you quit.

Patience and persistence ultimately rule the day. Or, to quote Calvin Coolidge… (see above) “… press on has solved, and will always solve the problems of the human race.”

You can even make money much sooner and make much more than I did.

But you can’t ‘stick up’ a “made for AdSense” site, watch it for a week or two and then quit.

Might as well play on Facebook or watch “Desperate Housewives” re-runs … you are guaranteed to make as much money as if you never started and then quit prematurely.

Don’t try.  Do. 

And stick with it.

How to Make Money Online in the Philippines is simple really, yet the rules seem so hard for people to fathom.

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