Another Article On Why I’m Staying In The Philippines

Why I'm Staying In The Philippines

Why I’m Staying In The Philippines

(Updated 12 November 2018)

A few days back I published an article here where I made a huge error in the title.  I never should have used the word “Final”.  Never say “never” or “final” or “ultimate” unless you have an iron-clad assure that this will actually BE your final word.

Final USA Observations On The Way Out The Door

Also, I published this article (below) recently as well, detailing why (at this time) moving back to the USA was not the right decision for my wife and me.

Still Keeping Me Rudely Awake 2018

Well Here’s The Thing With “Final”

Why I'm Staying In The Philippines

One of the major things I talked about in those two articles was the ridiculous costs for many things in the USA, compared with what I have to pay here in the Philippines.

Even though I paid all the charges on the three different US-based credit cards I used on the US trip, I found out I wasn’t quite done just yet

Final Charges are like Final Decisions.

They ain’t necessarily so.

Along came a charge on the US credit card I had used to rent a car in the Philippines.  Even though I had a receipt from that company, issued when the car was turned in that said “Final Charges”, I now find I have to pay more than $122 USD for “Airport Taxes and Usage Fees”.

If anyone has read the first article on the is subject you’ll recall I pointed out this “wonderful” practice being carried out by many US cities to screw the visitor, after the fact.

Still to come (I find) is the bill for the tolls I used during the trip.  The rental car had a toll transponder.  I assumed the rental car company would charge me for the use of tolls when I turned the car in … they did last time I rented from them, three years ago.

But, no, “We don’t do that anymore”.  Yep, OK, I understand.  Anything to screw the customer or make it hard for the customer.  Just give us your money and STFU.

You know for about 15 years now I have read complaints from fellow foreigners almost every day about how the people and businesses of the Philippines are out to “get” the foreigner.

Well, if that’s your impression, I will not waste our time arguing about it.  But let me assure you, there are plenty of companies and public facilities like commercial airports (mostly funded by Federal airline tax dollars) who have no compulsion regarding raping the traveler either.

The very idea I should pay thousands to an airline for my air travel (which includes substantial charges for airport fees and TSA security fees) and then have to pay an extra $122 just because I chose to spend another $1200 or so dollars with a rental car company just chaps my hide.  It’s wrong, ladies and gents.

This Morning Something Else Jerked Me Wide Awake

I saw this article from my friend Bob … who has lived here in the Philippines at least 7 or 8 years longer than I have.

Life Change: A Big Announcement

So what was Bob’s Life-Changing announcement?  Well, you ought to go read the article … but since many these days won’t read, I’ll let you in on the secret.

Bob and his lovely wife Feyma are going to move back to the USA, after 18 or 19 years here in the Philippines.

I”m Sure It’s The Right Decision For Bob and Feyma.

Even though there will be plenty of Bob’s readers who want to argue with his choice, what they say doesn’t matter …because only Bob can make the right decision for Bob.

I wish Bob and Feyma every success.

Anyway, that’s my rant for today, short and not so sweet, and a few more words on  (for now, anyway)

Why I’m Staying In The Philippines.

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