Mainly this blog is is about me and my story.

successful retirment

Living Good in the Philippines

I’m a US-born American, slightly older than the Baby Boomer generation (born in 1945).

I’ve been earning and dabbling in earning online for many years now, and I have finally decided to get serious about earning.

I encourage all folks my age or near it to get serious also.

I refuse to spend my latter-years worrying and scrabbling to make ends meet as inflation gobbles up what was supposed to be a secure retirement.

In addition to empowering retirement with extra earnings (not penny-pinching), I have interest and a lot of experience with living outside the USA.

I’ve lived in 8 countries total and presently reside in the Philippines (12 years now) where I live well and invest the money I save by not paying US prices.

Enjoy your visit and let me know if I can help at any point in your journey

The PhilFAQS Story

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