A Business For Older Foreigner Men in the Philippines

A Business For Older Foreigner Men in the Philippines.

(Updated 5 Jan 2018)

Did I get your attention with that headline?  I thought I might have.

You have heard me rant and rave plenty about why you don’t want a job in the Philippines.

(go ahead, follow the link, I’ll wait for you, right here.)

I’ve also written plenty about why you don’t want to screw around with starting a business in the Philippines as a foreigner.  In general, the best business plan is to take all the cash you have in your budget, put it in a fireproof container, splash lighter fluid on it and set it on fire.

Your losses will be the same and it takes a lot less time and effort.

But How About a Business Made For a Foreigner?

Especially one like me.  Old, overweight and hates to shave.

It’s ready and waiting for you right now.

You see my friend Bob has been playing Santa for several years now for department storesand other organizations with Christmas Parties and such (which means almost every business in the Philippines is a potential client.)

Well, friend Bob is moving back to the USA, so next year and the years after he won’t be performing as Santa here in the Philippines.  he has decided to let the business go, as a going concern, for very reasonable terms.

As a favor to anyone looking to earn money here in the Philippines who may not have seen any of Bob’s articles, here’s his latest post where he talks about the business, what a prospective buyer would need and what’s required to move forward if you’re interested.

I’ve got a business for you. Easy work, big money

Take a look, it doesn’t cost anything to find out the particulars.

Editor’s Note:  Bob is a long-time personal friend.  I believe him to be honest in any and all respects, but I have no other personal knowledge regarding this offer.  I also have no business relationship with Bob and I will not earn any commission or other emoluments if someone buys into the business through my offer here.  It jst seemed like a fun thing to do to me.


That’s all I have to say today about A Business For Older Foreigner Men in the Philippines.