You Want To Know About Jobs For Americans in the Pilippines — I'll Tell You More

Presented as a public service as requested by the US Embassy, Manila:


January 5, 2011




The 2011 Foreign Service Officer Test will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the U.S. Embassy in Manila

Deadline to register is January 24th


  • U.S. citizen on the date of registration
  • Between 20-59 years old on the date of registration (over 21 and under 60 on the day of appointment as a Foreign Service Officer)
  • Available to serve worldwide
  • No specific educational level or proficiency in a foreign language is required for applicants.

To register for the Foreign Service Officer Test or for more information on career opportunities with the U.S.Department of State, please log on to:

Official Seal of the US State DepartmentI’ve written many times before regarding jobs with the US  State Department here in the Philippines.  For some reason I get very little feedback.  It seems the people who need jobs the most are also the people who look first at Filipino jobs for which they aren’t qualified for, and wouldn’t be able to live on the salaries from.  All the time ignoring their best opportunities.

What does this happen?  I don’t know.  All I can offer as advice is, think more of yourselves, you’re worth it, even if you don’t think so.  Try:

What? Me, Work for the State Department?

or use the Related Posts list under this article, try the Category List or use the Search Box over there in the right hand column.

Notice a thing or two you will find different about this job announcement you won’t find elsewhere in the Philippines:

  • Wide age range … these jobs are open to folks up to (but not including) 60 years of age. In Philippine business it’s common to ask for applicants to be under 30 … often even under 25.
  • No specific education requirements.  Yep.  Although a college degree is going to improve anyone’s chances, the Federal Government is still pretty much of an equal opportunity employer.  Only a few Federal jobs absolutely require a degree, and this ain’t one of them.

There are also almost always opening advertised directly by the US Embassy Manila … these are State Department jobs as well, what is typically known as “local hire”positions.

Especially attractive to US citizens already here in the Philippines.  Everything needed wo apply is on the Embassy Employment page (keep scrolling down).

How many of you folks “needing a job” in the Philippine shave even tried the State department.?

I’d appreciate hearing from you, good experiences or bad,.


  1. Mel Ignacio says

    Thanks for letting me know Philly. Do you know when the next exam would be? I missed the deadline. Thanks.

    • says

      @Mel Ignacio (ID 5001): Hi Mel. Thanks for reading and for contributing to our community with a comment. I only know about these State Department exams when the State Department tells me. Follow the links I put in the article: and What? Me, Work for the State Department? to learn more.

      By the way, congratulations. Since I have been publishing these notices, about two years or so now, you’re the very first person to ever even ask me about them. So many people tell me that they want a decent paying US-style job in the Philippines, but apparently, very few are even willing to fill up a form or take an exam. Oh well …

      • Gary says

        I would love this job, but I am too old to apply for it. I have an MBA and lots of solid experience business. I retired from a major telecom company in the US. Any suggestions for a 62 year old?

        Any help is certainly appreciated.

        Best regards,

  2. D says

    Would you know when the next exam would be?
    What do you think the chances are of a fresh graduate getting a job here and being assigned to Manila?
    Many thanks!

    • says

      Hello, D. Thanks for writing in. But really, these are State department jobs and wouldn’t they be the ones to answer questions like that? I’m just an old retired guy who tries to point people in the right direction:
      And see also:

      There are also almost always opening advertised directly by the US Embassy Manila … these are State Department jobs as well, what is typically known as “local hire”positions.
      Especially attractive to US citizens already here in the Philippines. Everything needed wo apply is on the Embassy Employment page (keep scrolling down).

      I would have no way of knowing anyone’s chances … but I do knowyour chances for certain if you don’t take action … they are exactly zero. As Wayne Gretsky supposedly said (long before your time, probably) “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Follow the links I put in the articles that’s where the information is.


  3. Rudy says

    I’m married to a philippina for more than 10 years and have traveled back and forth from U.S. often. My wife has often asked me to move there and stay, but without a job there I just don’t see is happening. Many times we have spoken and dreamed of such a possibility. Not till just reading your article did I have any hope, but thanks cause I’m looking into all my options and will be looking forward to reading your updates often. Maybe I don’t have to wait till I retire after all.

    • says

      Hello Rudy,

      Thanks for reading and for your valuable comment. I would never advocate foregoing a retirement income. It’s just that many these days don’t have one. But I do advocate, for sure, at any age, doing something to empower yourself, and then if you can build that into a full-time income, what would you need to wait for. The idea of ‘wrk hard, get a job, plod along for 40 years and then sit on your butt in retirement is a fast-fading model for life. So it’s better to take the bull by the horns and do something while young enough to be able to. Godspeed.

      • jeremy says

        hello ,

        thank you for the posting i’m going to fill out form now and see if i can get one of those jobs my soon to be wife is from the philippines and she would like for us to move there and be close to her family but i never saw a way for it to happen i am a x air force x buisness owner been driving semi for years and just never got a reply to any job i applied for there so i am hoping this will be the answer i have been searching for i just would have never thought being 36 would be to old to work lol

  4. archer says

    Hello, thanks for some encouragement, yes im so interested if i have opportunity to work in U.S embassy Manila, pls tell me if theres still hiring at this moment at the U.S embassy, and what the volumes of applicant you have right now.its not a good idea having a lot of local working in the u.s embassy while a lot of u.s citizen is jobless.i speak five pilipino languages, im 51. Pls advice, and were can i apply. Thanks

    • says

      @ archer:

      Thanks for writing in. One of the first things to do in applying for any job is to read the advertisements/announcement and follow the instructions. Everything I know about the jobs announced in the article came from the source I quoted in the article … the US Embassy.

      You should go direct to the source for information on any job … I’m happy to help people when I can but what the heck to I know about jobs, really … I’m well known for being _against_ jobs in the 21st century.

      You go to Google and you type in: jobs at us embassy Manilaand you get this:



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