Working in the Philippines — Build Your Own Job?

Why are there so many articles about Working in the Philippines on this site, lately?

Working in the Philippines — Unpopular?

It’s pretty generally accepted in the bogging/website world that your traffic … your readership … will pretty much tell you what you ought to write about.  In general, I agree that’s pretty much true.

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

Based on that fact, I really shouldn’t even be writing this article, because over the past week or two, when I wrote a number of articles about Working in the Philippines, my traffic (readership) has dropped like a rock.  I’m talking a huge, disheartening decrease.  Even though I’ve had some rewarding comments, overall, it seems as if this subject is pretty unpopular.

Today, I intend to write more along those lines anyway.  Why?

Working in the Philippines — You Need To Know

Everyone who takes the time to write me here at PhilFAQS … and I welcome emails (dave (at), phone calls (1-719-966-4295) or texts (0919-231-4295) … doesn’t ask me about jobs in the Philippines.  But a surprising number do … my Philippine Job Listings page is very popular and other articles I have written about Jobs for Americans in the Philippines are among the most-read pages on the site.

If you don’t have time to read that last referenced article, you might want to read just this one short quote:

… forget about trying to find a job in the Philippines, especially at a salary anywhere near what such jobs used to pay in the USA, and make yourself recession and layoff-proof by starting your own business and being independent of grudgingly given charity like government handouts (oops, I mean bailout plans).  The younger you are and the more family responsibilities you have, the better off you will be if you break the charity chain now rather than when you may be forced to later, no matter if you live in the USA or live in the Philippines. …

But can it be done, so many of you ask?  And, “what about me, I don’t have computer skills … or sales ability … or time to do my own business” …. or any other of the thousand and one excuses I hear every day.

Well, about 99% of us … the ones who followed the Royal Wedding even a little bit, had a few object lessons … if we chose to learn from them.

Working in the Philippines — I Recommend you Build Your Own Job

It’s widely reported that the Middleton’s are “common folk”.  Many of Kate’s forbearers were shop keepers and even coal miners.  Kate’s own parents worked for some years as flight attendants for a major airline.

A career perhaps a bit up the chain from coal mining, but hardly one calculated to give you the financial freedom to send your daughter to the finest schools to meet her prince.

Flight attendant work is also notorious for arduous hours, often being forced to live far from home, and being routinely subject to cutbacks in work hours, even layoffs (normally termed “furloughs” in the airline business to make them sound more palatable.

So how did Kate’s parents become quite wealthy?  Using exactly the same tools and strategies I tell you about frequently here.  They found a need and filled it.

Kate’s mom, Carole, was frustrated in finding decent-quality decorations, party favors and “grab bags” for children’s parties.

So she built an online business selling a line of her own creations and other people’s products (“affiliate” or commission sales) and worked at marketing and building her business.

Today, in its 14th year, this little “Work At Home Mom” business idea is valued at more than 30 million Pounds … over $50,000,000 USD.  From making and selling kids party paraphernalia.

That works out to a bit over $3.5 million USD per year for her efforts … not to mention she’s now in line to be the mother of the Queen Consort of the British Commonwealth.

I found this article interesting:The Entrepreneurs’ Daughter

I also found Carole’s take on the current recession interesting in this additional reference:

Carol can teach you about Working in the Philippines if you let her

Party Favors? Yep, you bet!

How has the credit crunch affected business?
Your child’s birthday is always a very special occasion so I think everyone tries to do something to celebrate the day even if money is tight. We’ve always believed that parties do not have to be lavish and expensive occasions and have always selected wonderful traditional and inexpensive games, tableware and activities. However, over the past year we’ve included some real value-for-money offers and cost savings to make partying on a budget even easier. …

But d0 remember folks.  It’s impossible to make money online.  ordinary folks can’t start their own business and make it grow, I’m sure the Middletons must be special in some way you can’t even imagine.  I’m sure no one reading this can do something similar.

Or can you?

Enough about Working in the Philippines for now?


  1. zeke_axlerod says

    I think its a great time to start making your own job online ! The thing is to start now, today, not just thinking about it for years.Just do something ! Learn Photoshop, HTML etc its all free online ! Times have certainly changed the economy and jobs are going to be there maybe just not as we know it. 10-15 years ago who would have thought about blogging, affiliate programs,E-books, social media and the like ? There are possibilities out there and with an internet connection they are world wide not just limited to the United States or in Philly’s case the Philippines.

    • says

      zeke_axlerod » Hello Zeke, thanks for commenting. Indeed, you got the point. When the queen of En gland (she was 86 a week or so back in April) comes on the ‘tube’and starts showing off her Royal Family UTube channel, it’s time for us ‘commoners’ to get the drift.

      I find it particularly fascinating to see how big the Middletons have built their business up in what some might call a ‘fluff’ sort of area … kiddie parties. I even heard a commentator on some channel talking away, speak pretty dismissively about Kate’s parent’s business. After I investigated it a little, I wanted to ask that commentator, “Well, did you make $50 millions yet?.”

      I don’t suggest people buy into get rich schemes, I’m not one of those ‘quit you day job’; ot ‘four hour work week’ product pimps, but I am a firm believer that we all should start making ourselves more independent … especially those of us who have always spent our lives stuck into one conventional job.

      Doesn’t matter if you ever want t move to the Philippines (although Carole Middleton could, she doesn’t have to be in the UK to run her UJ-based business), it’s worth attaining a degree of independence just for the sake of feeling good about one’s self. Or so this old man opines.

  2. says

    I read your blogs. Regarding working in the Philippines. I still have relatives there. But they have no qualifications what so ever—think of other topics raised regarding relatives working overseas and sending money to their relatives in Philippines and the relatives in Philippines ultimately abusing that privilege kinda stuff.

  3. Fred says

    My Step-Son does 3 things well, EAT, SLEEP, WATCH TV. Notice what is missing….. WORK!!. People are LAZY, if you tell them there are no streets paved with GOLD, no city of EL Dorado they lose interest!!!

    • says

      Fred » I hear that, Fred. You know I have frustrated the dickens out of myself trying to give a number of people a “leg up”. Going so far as to paying them to learn to help me out with online work. It never lasts. I had some scheme again recently and talked to my wife about getting one of her relatives going on a job with me. She looked at me, said nothing, then mentioned the names of a few others who I had beaten my head against the wall trying to help/train. Nothing more needed to be said. My wife’s pretty smart that way *sigh*

      • Fred says

        The other side of the coin, We have a nephew who graduated #2 in his High School class. He got a Scholarship to Univ. of Cebu, just finished his second year, has a GPA of about 1.5. has kept his scholarship. The person who was #1 has already dropped out
        We are helping him with his expenses.

        Trying to get him to start thinking about, Grad School in another country. Figure he could get a Scholarship if he is in the single digits for class standing, when he graduates.

        His major is BEAN COUNTING

        So QUESTION how do we start looking??

        • says

          Fred » No idea where to start on the grad school search, Fred. I congratulate your nephew for sticking to it. I

  4. Roselyn says

    HI Philly: The big problem with online business in the Philippines is that mailing can be very expensive, especially when sending via Federal Express. The country is so corrupt that items sent through regular mail is frequently stolen. I was so surprised one December when my parents received an envelope from the mailman for a Christmas gift (this is supposed to be cash). He would be fired if he was in the U.S. My parents inserted some cash, so as to get their mail on time. This can be a problem if you have an online business in the Philippines with physical items.

    • says

      Indeed that is true, Roselyn. However there are many, many businesses you could set up, online, that have nothing to do with mailing things.

      Also, a long-time friend here ran a business in the Philippines which involved mailing 9tems he bought in the Philippines to the US 9and other countries where people ordered them from). Outbound, when delivered to the post office here … in a major city, like Davao, Cebu, Quezon City, etc., there seemed to be nary a problem … costs were relatively cheap (and paid for by the recipients … you know, “Add $7.95 for shipping and handling” thing we almost always face.

      Now the postman coming by for a Christmas gift? That’s an ordinary practice here, like it or not. Again, being an older man, many things I see here everyday mirror things I saw in the US 50 years ago … that you would never see today. When I grew up in the US, we lived on what the post office calls a “Rural Route”, and our mailman … Mr. Fenti, still remember him after all these years, was more than a mail carrier. Deliver of oral messages, finder of lost dogs, children and strayed cows, tow-er of cars out of ditches, applier of stamps to envelopes people “forgot” to stamp.

      I well remember, my mom always made a package at Christmas time and left it in our mailbox for Mr. Fenti. There might or might not have been some cash in there as well as the cookies and hand-made cards from us kids. Times were different there then, in some ways they are the same here.

      But one thing different between today’s “Mr. Fentis” who work for the USPS and the letter carriers who work here for PhilPost is, the US employees are paid a living wage, have health insurance, workman’s comp 9get hurt on the job here, you don’t work any more and your kids starve), retirement benefits and so on.

      Here the guy probably had to pay someone just to get his job, and it’s very common here for government workers to have to ‘kick in’ part of their meager salary to corrupt officials higher up in the food chain.

      To say that the carrier here would be fired in the US is probably true, but the resemblance between a post office job here in the Philippines and one in the US is about the same as the resemblance between a hot dog and a warm puppy.

      I’ve written about the mail system in the Philippines … but again, it has nothing to do with most ways of earning online.

      Thanks again for yet another valuable comment, the readers who take the time to make comments are really what keeps this place alive, I appreciate each and every one.

      • Roselyn says

        Hi Philly: So as not to take from the essence of this article, how about an article on theft and bribery in the Philippines? I would very much like to see the input of the expats who are currently living in the Philippines.

        • says

          Roselyn » OK, sounds like a good subject. Let me see what I can produce sometime soon. Thanks for the suggestion. Any others out there, folks?


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