Who Talked You Out Of Your Last, Best Idea for Earning in the Philippines

Some will remember I wrote an article just a few weeks ago entitled

Find a Need and Fill It — Education, Part 1

I also recommended one of what I think is one of my better articles on how to get ahead and empower yourself to be independent, instead of “asking help” your whole life and then accomplishing nothing while you watch many others. often not even as smart as you, accomplish at least something because they subscribed to the “Ready. Fire, Aim theory":

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

Pulling the Trigger is More Important Than Any Other task

In that article on filling a need in education in the Philippines I mentioned providing a service to parents by highlighting and finding schools here in the Philippines who readily accept foreign students and even those who are accepted for US educational benefits, such as the GI Bill.  (yes indeed there are such schools here in the Philippines).

Well as usual when I write about anything involving actual efforts in making money (as opposed to the ‘wishing world’ so many live in, expecting “Hulog ng Langit” … money falling from Heaven) … the only response I received indicating anyone had even read this article was a response for a gentleman who indicate he as going to ask advice from some of his Philippine relatives about this idea.

Well far be it from me to criticize his choice but I would think if these relatives, well meaning as they might be, had been interested in earning money they might have been doing something like this already … but then again, we all operate in our own manner.

I was reminded of the “Find and Educational Need and Fill It” article just yesterday when I went to a social function and met a US father who is actually thinking of bring his US-born daughter here to the Philippines and sending her to college.

A significant pert of the conversation  revolved around the fact that this was a difficult move, even for one who lived here in the Philippines and had a Filipino wife, and how much easier it would be if there were a service that made this easier for parents.

I was unable to get the thought out of my head that is the “I’m going to talk with my relatives” fellow had, instead, put up a simple website (free and 5 minutes work on WordPress,com or Blogspot.com, etc, I could have already referred him perhaps his first client, a genuine parent with a need and the means to fulfill that need.

I truly wonder what those relatives have reported back on that idea by now, and when someone might “get around to” pulling the trigger on a potential money making idea?

I can not guarantee what you might make if you took my idea (or any other money-making idea) and ran with it. but I can guarantee what you will make if you just do nothing and seek the advice of others who are doing nothing as well … ZERO .. as Mr. Gretsky was known to say, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

Here’s an interesting quote from a colleague today.  A colleague who a year or two back was making nothing and now makes three or more grand (dollars not pesos) per month mainly because of one thing. 

She pulled the trigger.

It is better to try and fail and learn,  than talk yourself out of something, and change nothing and learn nothing.  No one else will do this for you.  It is relatively inexpensive to fail online, just your time and maybe some hosting and domain name if you got that far.  Learn from your mistakes and build and replicate your success.  Look for patterns all the time …


  1. Joe p says

    as I tell folks here at my present job when we TRY to do something new…..

    I cannot guarantee you success if we do this thing, BUT I can guarantee you 100% failure if we do not.

    • says

      This is so true. Just think for example if the founders of Subway sandwich shops had worried about failure, coming to the market so long behind the absolute world leader in fast food shops. McDonalds? What an insane risk of failure, eh? Want to guess who has more lo9cations now, McD’s or Subway? Yep, Subway. Fear of failure is much more dangerous to success than failure itself ever will be.

      • Neil D says

        Everyone is in control of their own destiny their own future and what happens at least 80%. If you do nothing then nothing will occur unless you get lucky and inherit or benefit from sort of lawsuit or windfall you don’t deserve but that is fairy tales.

        I would rather take a risk and further whatever the cause then do nothing as long as it is a calculated, measured and appropriate risk and I did my homework. I am not going to be cruising down Gil Puyat Ave and see a “For rent” sign and give in to my (we shall say friend’s for now to protect identity ::) demands to simply put up a business :)

        I have to say that a lot of success can be garnered by researching and learning from others failures especially here as I see so many failures but the root causes are so obvious :)

        Hope you are doing well Philly :)

        • says

          I’m doing great, Neil, now that I am back home in the Philippines. What you say about studying other’s failures is so true … that type research can never hurt.

          Also, another form of research I have often tried to interest readers in … study success. Pick any website that seems successful and make a study, especially of what need the site is filling and (very important) how the s8ite makes money.

          It’s amazing to me how many people fail to take up this one challenge. If a site is making money, there’s a good chance you can too, but you need to see how their are earning … often very simple to do, yet very hard for many to figure out.

          Literally a very valuable area to research

  2. says

    let me help to continue to wear this line out…used SO many times, in SO many places for SO many different reasons…To never RISK, is to never Gain!

    How in the world do people think that it is better to just sit and wait for some kind of “magical” experience or someone to just “show up”, on their doorstep with the end all to their fiscal problems, be it a need or want, than to take action and RISK SOMETHING?

    DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT for God’s sake! It’s the basic principle of computers gang and how they think and operate EVERYTIME…BIOS! Basic Input/Output System!

    To quote a friend and very smart man, “even if you fail, which will always happen some off the time, you have failed forward and gotten it out of the way! Now you are ready for the next POSITIVE result!”

    • says

      Ha ha, yes Michael, I love that phrase, “Fail Forward”. One of the most boring and exasperating things I face when running a site like this is, the number of people who ask questions … not because I don’t enjoy the questions, I actually LOVE them, but because the folks answering them are just “mentally masturbating” and actually have no intention of ever taking action.

      DO SOMETHING people, instead of “thinking about doing something”. Trust me, it’s better than mentally masturbating. 😉

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