What is a Typhoon, Anyway

We’ve been a little slow on actual posts from the Philippines lately, as business here in the US has been consuming a lot of time.  A fellow whom I’ve know on line for some years, Thomas Glenn, who lives in San Fernando la Union, on the western (South China Sea) coast of Luzon sent some info on the latest storm along with his kind permission to repost.

This latest storm blew by the east side of Luzon and nailed Taiwan pretty good.  As storms go it was not a big one, but this fellow or gal seemed to drop a lot more rain than normal.  Here’s Tom’s min-report and a link to a very short live video of what was going on in his front yard.

How to Move to the Philippines Manual


Hi, today I will send you my weather. Where I live the “rainy season” is July through September. That is the normal ‘monsoon’ season. For the last several weeks the monsoon has been amplified by a typhoon and now a tropical storm that just fell short of typhoon strength. For us, here, it has meant a lot of rain, too much. Areas of San Fernando become unpassable for tricycles and small cars. In Baguio there have been at least 16 landslides. For me, since I have no urgent business in town I behave retiredly here in the house. I like to sit on the balcony and watch the waves and listen to the rain on the sheet metal roofs. Last week the effect of the typhoon created some very nice surfing waves right in front of the house. For this mailing I’ll send a capture from the Typhoon2000 web site http://www.typhoon2000.ph/ and a small video of the waves I see from the balcony. If anyone can’t use the videos please let me know and I’ll avoid that in the future. I have been considering sending some small videos since they sometimes show more clearly or more interestingly what I’m trying to illustrate.


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      Sorry John, I’ll take alook when I have a chance but things have been a little whacky the past few dyas. Later, my friend.

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    We would like to move to the PI for my wife to have the baby but we find it a little challenging to find a place. We were thinking of San Fernando, La Union or Dagupan as they are close to the sea. Do you have an idea about these places? Are there places that fellow foreigners gather to? How about rental costs as we thought about renting a house?

    Thanks you.

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      I haven’t lived in either of those cities. SF la Union would be my choice because it is close to Baguio and has a much higher foreigner population. There would be many more rentals available there as well is my guess. Godspeed.

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