What Do You Do All Day There in the Philippines?

As regular readers of the PhilFAQS Living in the Philippines “Answer blog” know, this is Thursday (in the Western World” and thus the day I do Questions and Answers.  Here’s an interesting one I have received several times recently, and it’s certainly of interest to many:

What do You Do All Day

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

The answer to that question is about as varied as the number of people there are in the world today. What I do and what you will do all day are certainly unlikely to be the same.  So I’ll tell you a little about my life and you can make your own judgments about what might connect with yours.

Yesterday: Got up at 0500 (about my usual time) made the coffee, started a load of wash, dealt with emails.  Although I have been diligently trying to cut down on this you will find that once you get even a tiny reputation on an item of interest or two, you will get email.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for it (except for the occasional one that asks me to give the answers to about ten questions at once and the questions all correspond to my last ten blog posts or so … reading is certainly a lost art, but I digress.

0600: Email is done for a while and reminders in my desk top are flashing for this post and several others due on other blogs of mine.  Won’t get to them right now, I have some financial issues to deal with.  My US bank decided to put a new bill pay system in places of their existing one and it sent payment after payment to one of my credit card accounts until the account the bill pay was hooked to ran dry.

(Hint I’ve mentioned this before, do not have a bill pay service or a debit card connected to your primary checking account … this sort of thing has happened to me before in the US and it’s no fun … people think it’s a hassle to keep two accounts and transfer funds to one as needed but to not do this is Russian Roulette, no matter where you live).

Thank goodness to Skype … about an hour an hour total online with my bank and some more time on the credit card company’s 800 number and it’s pretty much straightened out … and since they were both toll free numbers I don’t even have to pay Skype’s minimal 2 cents per minute charge to call the States.

0800: depart on a preplanned trip to the Ate’s (eldest sister) house in Quezon City.  With regular weekday traffic plus construction along EDSA in Manila for the much needed Extension of the MRT rail system to connect to the LRT) the trip takes 45 or 50 minutes.

1000: Arrive at the Ayala TriNoMa mall in Q.C. Fabulous place.  I hate it but it’s the top choice among most of the women I hang Trinoma 9Creative Commons License photo credit: Jun Acullador out with.  We went here primarily because it’s Christmas Season and Mita needs some kitchenware and some supplies for baking and such we can’t find anywhere else.  We do lunch also at a restaurant Mita wants to review on her Unofficial Cook blog, when you have a blog or blogs nearly everything is “business” these days.

We shop some more, the Ate leaves on her own to return home and Mita and I finally finish shopping.  In the checkout at the last store I try something and find it easy … our lone Philippine-issued credit card has a credit balance and this normally means it will take weeks and weeks to get them to send us the money, so I charge the exact amount that’s on the card, bringing the amount to zero and then pay cash for the rest … the cashier has no trouble getting things straight.  Elevator direct from the supermarket checkout area to our parking area on the third parking level.  Already there are no slots available as the Christmas rush heats up.  20 peso tip to the bag boy and 30 pesos for covered parking all day, fair enough use of a buck to me, the Peso to Dollar rate is over 49 now, wonder when it will lhit 50?

1500: Arrive home.  45 minute trip took nearly 90 minutes due to the aforementioned construction traffic slowdown.

(Hint: keep a coin purse in the car always with 20 Peso notes and 5 and 10 Peso coins.  Will save immense hassles at tollbooths and such to be able to make exact change.  Also, never leave for the road without visiting the restroom first ;-))

1530: Take a nap.  I usually take one from about 2 to 3 pm but the shopping and EDSA have put me off schedule.

1630: deal with more email, install some ads people have bought, figure out how I will deal tomorrow with orders that have come in for some of my specialty maps that should have been dealt with today … this retirement life is very taxing at times, you people who have a job with defined hours of business don’t know how lucky you are ;-)(

1800: Take the short walk to Mita’s folk’s house to see “my boys” (my 3 and 4 year old nephews) visit with momma and daddy for a few minutes and then walk home.  I go back to the computer to finish some things up and check tonight’s TV schedule while Mita prepares dinner.

1900: Shut down the Internet and eat in front of the TV.  Thursday nights are always good, I used to be a devoted fan of American Chopper but the continual family fights there now bore me, so we watch Boomtown. Amazing race Asia and mega Moves

2300-ish: Took a shower and went to bed.  The weather is certainly changing, we’ll be able to do without the aircon soon.  Tomorrow?  New adventure.

For the record that is one somewhat typical day living here in the Philippines.

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