What Are Your Best Places Philippines?

As I have written here before, many times, I really find it hard to believe that there are people out there blogging who have trouble finding things to blog about. On the contrary for me, I have literally thousands of note, both written and mental, about things I want to add here at PhilFAQS to enhance my reader’s experience, help them learn more about living in the Philippines, and even to document things just for my own use … and if the tidbits are also useful to others, well, as my family joke goes here in the Philippines, “The More The Manier” 😉

Just a few days ago I wrote an article called Best Place in the Philippines to Live? and it has already quite proven popular.  A number of readers have already shred their thoughts about the best places in the Philippines to live, and already the responses are all up and down the map, as they should be.  There is no one best place for everyone … we’re all different, with different needs and tastes, thank goodness.

Best places to live in the Philippines

How to Find the Map

So how, I thought, could I ever keep all these different recommendations of places people find suit them, straight.  Of course I could build a long, boring list.  That would give me some satisfaction (and undoubtedly some frustration).  But when it was done?  Only a small percentage of new visitors would like visit.  How to make a list more attention-getting?

Aha.  make it visual.  What about a map?  Thanks to Google Maps, it’s now super easy to create your own custom maps and also to share them if you wish.  If you click on the top right drop down menu entry, as shown in the graphic over there to the left, you should get a page that features this big, fat image.

View Best Places Philippines in a larger map

Each little balloon or map pin that you see is a place a reader lives or recommends from personal knowledge.  Click on the pin and a window will open with some information about that site, as well as the reader who recommended it.

The map is live, meaning you can zoom in or out, pan across or up and down for a better view, and up in the top corner you will see there are buttons that let you chose a conventional map view, a terrain or topo style map, satellite overhead imagery, or, for Google Earth users, a link to jump you direct into Google earth with this map.

Pretty cool, I think.  I’d like to hear from you folks about it in return.

In particular, you’ll notice the map right now is a little ‘sparse’ regarding the number of places recommended.  How do you fix that?  Easy-Peasy, just leave me a comment here, tell me the place you think deserves a recommendation and perhaps a few words about why you think it’s a worthy choice, and I will get it on the map RSN (Real Soon Now).

Happy viewing and keep those recommendations flowing in, please.


  1. Keith says

    Maybe, and hopefully, it is just me, but when I click on either the arrows or the marker balloons, the page refreshes to a page with a smaller identical map on it. Not sure of the problem.

    • says

      @Keith (ID 4919): It’s not ‘you’ at all, Keith, it was I. I foolishly didn’t link the picture to the live map. D’oh. Fixed now, thanks for pointing that out.

  2. says

    Specifically, houses in Santa Rosa Estates 1 and 2 and surrounding areas.

    Weather is not so bad, breeze coming from Tagaytay ridge.

    Modern conveniences nearby and Alabang and Manila are 30-45 minutes away.

    • says

      @Arnold Serrano (ID 4923): Thanks, Arnold. You’re ‘on the map’, now. I’ve personally been to that area (not certain now if it was Santa Rosa Estates), but a very nice area and good location indeed. What about shopping closer than Alabang or Manila? I’m not really familar with the cites closer to the Tagaytay/Santa Rosa area. To me, that always seemed one of the few negative factors to locating in that area, everything seems very Manila-centric. But then again, I don’t live there.

    • says

      It’s a really nice feature, JC. Go to Google Maps (right offf the Google Home Page, and select the My Maps feature. Title your map, add on locations or other information you want, and save it. Google keeps it for you and keeps it updated … public or private, your choice.

      Up in the top right corner of the map is a menu selction called . That will give you a straight HTML or an iframe link that you can drop onto any web page and you map will always be there, live. Very kewl stuff. I wrote about making maops in the Philippines several times including a How to Make a Map article a few years ago.

  3. says

    Philly, in the name of map sparsity, and because Samar is totally vacant, I submit my location – please put me on your map.

    Calbayog City, Samar is a medium sized city and offers just about everything you could want without all the congestion and traffic. Cost of living is comparably lower than the larger cities. Coastal regions here are easily accessible and there is much unspoiled scenery in Samar. At the age of 58, I need serenity more than anything else and I easily found it here. And family will be close by which is very important to any lasting relationship.

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