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I published this article about the We R Inn Hotel originally several years back, afer my first visit to Davao City.  It’s been updated several times since then, but people keep searching and searching for information on the place.  It’s still there, still a fantastic bargain if you need a lor cost place to stay … and if you visit, I’d love a comment or an email on how well you enjoyed your stay.  Great news is, You can book at W R Inn right now, On Line — Tell ‘Em Philly Sent You

<< Note:  See updated contact information at the end of this article >>

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We R Inn Hotel

On my last visit to Davao City I stayed at the We R Inn Hotel on JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City.  This is a moderate-priced hotel that is a pretty good bargain for the money.  I had a mid-priced air-conditioned room, at PhP 1,000 per night which included a generous-sized room with two single beds, a decent-size bathroom with towel, soap and good shower and plenty hot water and an air con which cooled the room well and made little noise.  The TV was small but worked well and the cable package was adequate.

We R Inn Hotel is Cheap

I’m not really sure this sinks in on some readers here.  That’s PhP 1,000 … at today’s rate, that is less than $24 USD … including breakfast, and ample parking … which is a big plus at a downtown city hotel, believe me.  Does this place look like the Ritz-Carlton?  Heck no, but it’s clean, safe and under $25 USD … I mean you could just come to Davao and live here for a month or two, even if they didn’t give you a discount that would be about $720/730 a month.  How much is your rent now? 😉

We R Inn Hotel is Clean and Safe

to the We R Inn Hotel, Davao City Philippines

Davao at Night, courtesy of Beef Jerkey

All the rooms are non-smoking as is, essentially, the entire city of Davao, the only place I saw on my entire visit there where smoking was obviously legal and encouraged was in a bar at the airport with special air-lock doors for entry/exit.  You don’t go out on the sidewalk or in the parking lot for a smoke in Davao…unless you want to visit the city jail which is also, you guessed it, non-smoking.

The room price included a quite decent “order from the menu” breakfast with a good choice of Filipino, European and American-style meals (sorry, Australian friends, I didn’t note any Vegemite) and, important to me, all the coffee I chose to drink.  As is so often the practice only instant was available, but they were happy to keep refilling my cup.

It’s hard to believe it, but the Philippines is a coffee producing country … there is excellent coffee grown near my home location (in Batangas) and I believe several good producing areas in the mountains of Mindanao, perhaps in sight of Davao City … yet getting a cup of coffee, unless you are staying in a large city where Starbucks and other over-priced ’boutique franchises abound can be a bit of a problem.

Anyway, that’s my report on the We R Inn Hotel on JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City.  Check them out if you are looking for a bargain place to stay or want plenty coffee with your breakfast.


Telephone: (82) 227-9328 (from the US you would dial 011-63-82-227-9328 … tell them Philly sent you ;))
Email: [email protected]
Central Plaza I Compound
J.P. Laurel Avenue (Fronting Gaisano Mall)
Davao City, Philippines


Tell ‘Em Philly Sent You to the We R Inn Hotel.

<a href=”http://www.hotelscombined.com/Hotel/We_R_Inn_Hotel_Davao.htm?a_aid=29260&label=Tell Them Philly Sent You” target=”_blank”>Tell ‘Em Philly Sent You</a>


  1. says

    Thanks, Dave. That’s the second or third time I’ve heard good things about We R Inn. I’ve been told it was very clean, and I believe they have wireless internet. Do you have a contact number for them?

  2. says

    Hi Randy, I’m sorry I don’t have a phone number for them. we just drove up and took a chance on a room … the rooms were very clean. I beleive there is Wi-Fi but I didn’t have a computer with me so Ican’t give a report on it. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Richard D says

    Hey I like the new format, and I might give the we r inn a try in about a month when I travel through that area again. I always enjoy your post.

  4. says

    Thanks for the comment on the new theme, Richard. I still have alot of work to do in my quest to making things easier to find on the site … one of the biggest challehges is not finding things to write about, but finding ways to help people find what’s already here.

  5. Dave Watts says

    I filled out a form online to inquire about the room rates and process how to book a room before my arrival in davao. It is 4 days and I have not heard from the booking site.
    How can I dind the room rates…and how to make the booking…what facilities included in the room price…Is there discounted price for a longer stay??

  6. says

    @Dave Watts: Hi Dave, sorry I don’t have a contact number for the Inn … like many a Philippine business, this is a problem. I wasn’t aware that any booking site had this hotel in their inventry, can you share what agency you are using?

    The Philippines does not lend itself to the kind of travel we are used to in the US, where you can leave hme wiht a whole set of receipts in hand for a fully booked itinerary … you have the choice of booking more up to date hotesl with an online presence or just going … me, I just go.

    As far as facilities? A room, a bed a TV and aircon and a darn good breakfast … Western or Filipino style. If I recall correctly they have Wi-Fi as well, but I didn’t lug a computer last time I went so I may be wrong there. At like $25 USD per night what extra facilities were you expecting? The last big city US hotel I stayed in (Marriott in St. Louis) charged $25 a day extra for an Internet connection, so I really don’t spend that much time here in the Philippines chasing down pennies. As far as long term discounts, I’m sure they offer some sort of discount rates but you are unlikely to find such deals on line … my suggestion? Go, take a cab to the hotel. If you don’t like it, go to another hotel. If you contract in advance for a discount rate and then hate the place, what have you saved?

    There are lots of hotels in Davao. You can also stay someplace like the Davao Microtel which I published all the contact into for, they have all “modern conveniences” and cost $10 or $15 more per night … which may be worth it if you want the details laid down. Aside from being cheap, what I liked about the Inn was they are right down town and across the street from a mall so you don’t need a taxi every time you want to go out …but it’s not a Hilton.


  7. Theodore says

    @ Dave, Philly,

    Thanks for enquiring about We R Inn; Philly, we are really glad that you enjoyed your stay and thank you for this post on your experiences. Dave, you would probably have already gone to the Philippines (hope you enjoyed it!) but unfortunately as you may have guessed We R Inn does not have an internet site at the moment and the ones that do come up on Google are not affiliated with the establishment.

    Philly, for future readers I hope that you don’t mind if I give them a few contact details:

    Telephone: (82) 227-9328
    Email: [email protected]
    Central Plaza I Compound
    J.P. Laurel Avenue (Fronting Gaisano Mall)
    Davao City, Philippines

    If you arrive at Davao Airport and tell the taxi driver to go to Central Plaza, opposite Gaisano Mall, most of them will know what you mean.

    Kind regards,

    We R Inn Hotel

  8. says

    @Theodore: Thank you so much for furnishing this information. I’m sure it will be useful to many people seeking a decent place to stay in Davao. I will re-post htis info on my review of We R Inn as well, so people can find it easily.
    Business tip … check the email at least once a day. This costs essentially nothing and you just never know when there’s a message requesting a quote for a room.

    Wishing you continued success and again, thanks so much for letting us know how to contact your fine establishment.

  9. Lydia says

    Hi, I just called We R Inn Hotel…They have a new number now, 300-0702. I will be there this January and looking forward to a nice stay in this hotel.

    • says

      Thank you, Lydia. I appreciate you passing on that number change. Indeed that is the hardest thing I have found about learning my way around the Philippines and dealing with Filipino businesses .. how to contact people. This will certainly help. Hope you enjoy your stay.

  10. rose says

    hi thanks Philly for posting the phone number of we r inn i really appreciated.. were going back to davao on jan. 11,2010 and we decide to stay in that hotel..

    God bless you.

  11. Roselyn says

    Hi Philly: This article is great. How about an article on “What A Pension House Is About”. I stayed at the Famous Pension House in Iligan City, Mindanao for the first time that I last visited the Philippines. My older brother wanted to check on his investment apartments in this city and we stayed here for two days. I never stayed in one before in my life and was quite pleasantly surprised at the accommodations: clean rooms and individual bathrooms, cable tv (I watched CNN and Fox News – I like to see both sides of the fence), room food service, internet cafe and mini store, guard at the entrance, and quiet environment. Best of all, the charge was only $12.00 per night!

    • says

      Roselyn » I think you pretty much just wrote the article, Roselyn … thanks. I know of a number of places known as “pension houses” in the Philippines, but it never seems to have a precise meaning. Today, I think the accepted definition is a small, cheap, but serviceable hotel. I don’t keep track of them myself, but there are a lot of pension house listings on line … Google is our friend.


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