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How to Move to the Philippines Manual

The 2010 Foreign Service Officer Test will be held on Friday, March 5, 2010 and Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the U.S. Embassy in Manila.

Deadline to register is February 22, 2010


  • U.S. citizen on the date of registration
  • Between 20-59 years old on the date of registration (over 21 and under 60 on the day of appointment as a Foreign Service Officer)
  • Available to serve worldwide

US Government jobs Philippines

To register for the Foreign Service Officer Test or for more information on career opportuntities with the U.S.Department of State, please log on to:


  1. Gary says

    The 20th century belonged to the United States, at least after WW2. Now? The Iraq war ruined this nation as did giving our money away to the rich. We were on the path to becoming debt free. We may never get on that path again.

    The 21st century will belong to China with India coming in 2nd place. China will be soon selling cars in the US as will India. China will soon have a man on the moon while we are shutting our space program down. I don’t think we will become a 3rd World country like the Philippines is but 1st place will soon belong to China.

    I was raised in Kansas and trained to love my country. I still do. God willing I will soon move to Tagum City and enjoy some peace and live out my days in the hot weather where my old bones will feel so much better. A loving wife will help too.

    Good luck to America and good luck to the 10,000 people that were just laid off at Sams Club. Welcome to the 21st century.


    • David says

      Way off there Gary. (site Owners Note: Several hundred words of political vitriol and claptrap removed. Gary’s comment is totally acceptable, it is not about politics but about the way our world is changing and how so many who ought to know better refuse to believe it. No matter what political party they chose to support. Political comments, especially regarding the USA are not welcome here. Thank you)

  2. says

    I hadn’t heard about Sam’s Club. yeah. my best wishes to those folks too. Too bad Sam’s didn’t wait a couple more weeks, my wife and I are going back to the US for a couple weeks … mainly for shopping … but that’s kind of the idea I am trying to present … folks who have a job at a retail store are strictly at the mercy of the customer counter on the door … the number gets too low and suddenly the boss becomes like Donald Trump … “You’re fired”.

    The ‘security’ of a regular job is mainly just an illusion these days.

    • Neal in RI says

      If you end up visiting the relatives in CT let me know I will meet you at Foxwoods and buy you a Beer or a Grey Goose and Cranberry.

    • says

      You are so bad Paul, so bad LoL. But seriously, thus kind of ties in to what I have been pushing .. jobs that have substance, even if they aren’t engineering or ‘fast money’.

      You know why the State Department has to advertise in today’s day and age to fill their ranks? Because so many ‘lofty professors’ and a lot of the general public now look down their nose at ‘government jobs’. You know I think FSO’s start at a pretty low level, salary-wise,and you need to take a competitive exam to get in. Why do that when you can get a job selling investment paper, fast and cheap.

      Well, maybe because there is a future there, down the road. But you need to put in the time to get there, and everyone in the US seems to be focused on instant gratification.

      Oh well, different strokes for different folks ….

  3. Lawrence Navarro says

    I also live in the phillipinenes and woundering how to get a international driver licence?

  4. Hubert E. Warford says

    I’ve been looking for a Contract Specialist or Contract Administrator position in Manila. The wife is from Aklan Province and is close to her family. So I’ll have to see what happens.

    • says

      @Hubert E. Warford (ID 5604): Hi Hubert. Thanks for reading and being a contributor to the community here. Best of luck in your endeavors. US civil service jobs are ‘thin on the ground’ here, but you are in a good niche … because more and more government work is contracted out every year and contracting is one of the last government-only positions that remains behind. Godspeed.

  5. D0n McSpadden says

    Hello Phil. Glad I stumbled onto your site. I am in the process of bringing my fiance over. I am toying with the idea of moving back to the Phils once she gets citiznship. I would be interested in some of your moneymakeng tips. I would probably be living i Naic, Cavite where she own a modest, but neat home. I really like many aspects of thay country and I am very aware of general pros and cons. My main interest is my fiance of course. Thank you for any suggestions.

  6. Roy says

    Phil, thanks for your website… it has actually gotten me to look into job opportunities at the State Department. We’ll see how it goes. Cheers!

  7. john says

    Hello everyone,I am an american living in the philippines,just got back in the country 3 days ago and I have to say it’s nice to be back home. I was in Dubai and Oman for the past 9 months and was not treated well by these people. I was supposed to come back home with some money but my last employer made sure I came home with nothing,I find certain nationalies of people to be next to heartless,my american passport was kept from me even after I was terminated for asking for my salary that was two months overdue.I try to see the good in everyone but there are some people who are worse than animals on this planet.I have to start all over again.

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