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A few of you may know of my friend Aviatrix, a professional pilot from Canada whom I enjoy reading about.  But most of you won’t know her and even fewer would be interested in her blog because (sadly) Americans have been trained to think of those who earn their living in the air as sort of alien creatures … it’s so different from my youth when young people aspired to ‘real’ jobs rather than learning to cheat and steal legally make unsound investments with other people’s money on Wall Street *sigh*

But I didn’t mean to start an editorial here.  What caught my attention was a little post I just read on her blog which probably wasn’t intended to be about making money but is certainly a golden nugget to folks looking for opportunities with their eyes actually open:

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

The town has a population of 156. Not a typo: one hundred fifty-six. Its points of interest, listed on the town website, include:

  • airport
  • church
  • groceteria / gas station
  • rec hall that has both a kitchen and a dance floor
  • a covered half-size ice rink
  • 3 baseball diamonds
  • a soccer pitch

That’s not actually bad for a town of 156 people. And I’m still impressed (my emphasis) they have their own website.

Now what does that have to do with making money, and in particular making money in the Philippines?

Ask yourself this:  how many small towns … in any country .. are similar to the one she wrote about?  The number you come up with should reach into the hundreds of thousands at least.

How may have websites?  The answer will be in the low thousands at best.  The one’s with websites that actually impress anyone will be far fewer.

How many of you have at least at some time or another thought about making money designing, building or maintaining websites?  How many have a friend or relative who knows the mechanics of the Web uttering the all-to-familiar moan, “If only I could make money with my talent”?

Instead of thinking of the web design business as trudging up and down the streets to find a business willing to advance thousands of pesos or Dollars to an unknown web designer, why not be the site owner and operator from the ‘git-go’?

The names, locations and basic information about municipalities are completely in the public domain.  Nothing at all prevents anyone from building one web site or even a single web pages for town after town, city after city as many as they feel like.

Could you make money with a site like this?  The answer is, unquestionably yes.  The reason I am so sure of the answer is, there are already many sites doing this general thing.  Some of them I have followed for some time and they are working at their sites and obviously making money … just from what I see advertised.

Others, and this is a real target of opportunity in my book … only focus on larger towns.

Competition, despite what a lot of you may erroneously think, is a good thing, not a scary thing.  If you are thinking of moving into nay niche or area of business and you check and find no competition?  Bang! A big red flag should appear on your computer screen.  You may, just may have struck a fertile field to pursue, but it is far, far more likely that other have been there before and left, finding more profitable places to spend their time.

So give this a little though if you are planning or even day dreaming about making money online, particularly after you make the move to the Philippines.  Make a site which features towns in as many categories as you want … and impress people with the information you provide … investment?  Virtually nothing except time.  Ability to scale up?  Huge because unlike a venture that depends upon individual talent and writing skills you can train most anyone to look up data, press releases, schedules and local new for any place on earth …Google will even do a large part of it for them, and let your staff just make simple updates to keep things current, while you sit back and supervise and mange the incoming ad revenue.

It’ll work before you move to the Philippines, it will work after you move and you want to earn a living in the Philippines … and all you have to do is remember the key word from the quote … just produce to impress.


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    I wonder how much sense other readers take from this. It makes perfect sense, though. Just look how well Bob Martin has done with having ten bazillion blogs. Not all of them have to be doing amazing things for that to add up to a good living.

    The only real investment is time. Domain names are cheap. Web hosting is relatively cheap. Throw up some ads and you are good to go. Repeat as necessary.

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    @Tom N: Hi Tom. yes indeed, I sometime too wonder if the reason so many think that making money online … especially starting and ‘online empire’ and then moving withit to the Philippines is because I write poorly or people are just too timid to take the first step, even when it costs virtually nothing.

    The power of one little venture that brings in just a few dollars, and then another and then another is impressive indeed, once you take the first step … and the great thing is, unlike, say, being a hot dog vendor at aball park,it is not a ‘zero sum’ game. You can make as much as you wish to with your ideas and nothing you do takes away a penny from me, and vice-versa. The market just expands to suit the number of particpants. I never started this blog to make money … and it is still only a very tiny adjunct to ventures I do make money from. But when I started it, there were evry few ‘expat in the Philippines’ blogs. Now there are dozens that I now about, and guess what? My traffic and earnings have never been higher ./.. the more people who get into it, the bigger the market.

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    @oliver palas: Hello oliver, welcome and thanks for your comment. There are hubndreds of ways to make money online and many don’t require an investment … of money. They _all_ require an invesment of time … as in reading and following instructions.

    This is a reputable and completely free surce, a guy who does what you want to do:
    But please, please pay attention. You cna not throw up a blog, throw Adsense on it and make money the enxt day. several of my Philppine freinds have done this very thing … after hours of training they listened only to the ‘free’ part, threw somehting up and were very disappointed.

    Blogger is free, AdSense is free and your writing is free, getting online isn’t free but you are already doing that, so we won’t count that part, but youmust pick a subject, follow instructions about gaining visitors and search engine positioning and _then_ you will earn. It’s free, it isn’t point and shoot.

    Merry Christmas

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