Thanksgiving in the Philippines

It’s Thursday afternoon as I write this … very early Thursday morning for the majority of my readers. The Philippines never ‘caught on’ to Thanksgiving the way we have in the US. It is not a holiday here … except for the US Embassy and other offices connected with the US Federal government, and although you can buy turkeys here they are not popular at all.

But I have a heck of a lot to be thankful for and here is one of the things near the top of my list:

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PhilFAQS Visitors

PhilFAQS Visitors

Just a partial day’s worth of my worldwide readers. You make it all worthwhile and I thank you all. Happy Thanksgiving. And for those of you not in the US, I give you full permission to borrow our holiday and use it in the best way you see fit. Amen.


  1. Laurence says

    The rest of the world is celebrating thanksgiving after the recent US election result.

  2. says

    @Randy C: Thanks Randy … indeed it is impressive how many people are interest in the Philippines, world-wide.

  3. says

    Hi Dave,

    Hope you had a good one. They don’t celebrate it here in Austria either. Just the American expats. Me being Canadian we celebrate on a different day, but again not recognized here! Notice you don’t have any contacts from South America and Africa! Must be warm enough there for them. We are sitting at -2C right now. Please send some sun! :-)

  4. AussieLee says

    Good Afternoon,
    Sorry, but thanksgiving doesn’t happen in australia either! Still, I’ll have a drink, or two, or three for my USA friends tonight after work!

  5. says

    @AussieLee: Thanks for droppin by and for your Comment AussieLee … yep I know it doesn’t happen in Australia, that’s why I extended my official license to celbrate all the maerican holidays you chose to. An excuse for a stubbie is an excuse for a stubbie, is it not 😉

  6. says

    @John in Austria: We had what seemed like an extra month or so of cloud and rain this year, John, sorry but I’m not giving any sun away just yet … this is the ‘ber months you know, it’s liable to go down to 25 or so one of these nights and I can’t remeber where I packed my wolly undies away from last year ….

  7. says

    @Harvey: Why thank you very much, Harvey and I hope your Thnaksgiving was as wonderful as mine was. I truly have so much to be thnakful for.

  8. says

    @John in Austria: I forgot that you had mentioend South America and Africa, John. I do have vsitors from those countries fro time to time … that map I showed was just a snapshot of a few hours worth of vuisotors … but very few. Don’t know why South Americna countries aren’t better represented, I’m pretty sure that the low number of vistors from Africa is accounted for by the true poverty there … people say the Philippines is a poor country … believe me compared to the Sudan and a lot of the rest of “hinterland” Africa the Philippines is quite wealthy … it’s all relative

  9. Tom Lynn says

    I am curious about the history of Thanksgiving in the Philippines. I suspect that we introduced this holiday in the early 1900’s, and that it became popular. But perhaps after 1946 it either fell out of use, or was ruled no longer a Philippine holiday. Thanks for your blog entry on this subject.=Tom

    • says

      @ Tom Lynn

      Thanks for writing, Tom. I never made much study of Thanksgiving here in the Philippines. It would be an interesting area to study.

      Be thankful, I am

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