Tax Deductible Philippine Travel

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Could Tax Deductible Philippine Travel Even Be Legal? Tax Deductible Philippine Travel? Wow, isn’t that one of those “link bait” style article titles, Dave?  Everybody “knows” you can’t cheat on your taxes and get away with it … “they” say you can’t, don’t “they”? Well, I’m sure “they” do, and let me say right now […]

Retire in the Philippines — Or Maybe Malaysia?

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Here’s a little post under the broad heading of how to Retire in the Philippines I’ve been meaning to write for some time.  It’s perhaps 50% rant, and 50% good business idea going to waste, so be forewarned that I’m going to say a few things here about …  how to retire in the Philippines,  […]

Retire in the Philippines — No Plan?

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Retire in the Philippines Retire in the Philippines, with No Plan?  Well, perhaps not exactly, “No Plan”, but, then again, a lot less “Plan” than many of you are beating yourself up with. I really think everyone even thinking in passing about retiring in the Philippines should give this article a ‘read’ and come back […]