Retire in the Philippines — Learn From Leaders — Part 2

Retire in the Philippines

Yesterday I wrote a sort of “roundup” type article where I list 20 plus websites that Google felt were the top information sources online regarding retiring in the Philippines.  See: Should You Retire in the Philippines — Learn From Leaders I decided that just listing a URL didn’t do to much towards increasing my reader’s […]

Should You Retire in the Philippines — Learn From Leaders


Retire in the Philippines.  Retire in the Philippines and retirement planning are always interesting subjects around these parts.  Here are some thoughts and tips. Become a Retire in the Philippines Expert A few days ago I was doing some research on an entirely different subject when I saw a guy offering a tip on how […]

You Don’t Have to Live in a Condo to Have an SRRV


You know how people are always saying the Philippine SRRV “costs too much”. especially in the case of the SRRV, those folks may know the “Price of everything”, but the “Value of nothing”. I received an important comment/correction from my colleague, the “Subic Sage” regarding this article, so I need to make sure the correction/clarification […]

Retire in the Philippines — Or Maybe Malaysia?

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Here’s a little post under the broad heading of how to Retire in the Philippines I’ve been meaning to write for some time.  It’s perhaps 50% rant, and 50% good business idea going to waste, so be forewarned that I’m going to say a few things here about …  how to retire in the Philippines,  […]

Retire in the Philippines — No Plan?

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Retire in the Philippines Retire in the Philippines, with No Plan?  Well, perhaps not exactly, “No Plan”, but, then again, a lot less “Plan” than many of you are beating yourself up with. I really think everyone even thinking in passing about retiring in the Philippines should give this article a ‘read’ and come back […]

Retire in the Philippines for Good Reason?

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Retire in the Philippines — Can You? So you want to Retire in the Philippines?  Your homework assignment for today is to go and read this excellent article.  Go ahead, I’ll wait, but do come back, because I have some very specific Retire in the Philippines comments and clarification that you might find interesting. Finding […]

Philippine Retirement — What the "Big Guys" Think

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Philippine Retirement — A Good Thing? Since I am an American retiree in the Philippines, it’s not very surprising that I write a lot about Philippine Retirement. I have a number of online friends who are retired in the Philippines as well (and one who is a younger than retirement-age  entrepreneur who will probably never […]

Questions people Ask About Living in the Philippines


From time to time I like looking at the keywords or questions about living in the Philippines that people type into Google that lead them to PhilFAQS, the site where I write about the frequently asked questions (FAQS) about living here in the Philippines. I try to put the more common questions on a dedicated […]

More Bumps in the Night — and Unpaid Federal Workers

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As many of you have already there was another large earthquake/after shock in the sea off Miyagi prefecture, Japan last night, Philippine/Japanese time.  This one was much smaller and no significant injuries/damage has been reported. So the work these guys are doing will, I believe, go on unhindered. Sendai airport was not fully open until […]

Medicare and Living in the Philippines — Does It Matter?


Medicare and Living in the Philippines? This is a question that comes in pretty regularly here at, where I try to provide the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQS) about living in the Philippines. I always tend to write too long … so here’s the answer.  No. More extensive answers to the question […]

Waiting to Retire to the Philippines?


Yesterday was my friend Bob’s birthday and as I was sending him a Happy Birthday email I realized he is part of a growing list of people I know who didn’t wait and spend the best years of their lives ‘waiting until the time is right’ before they retire to the Philippines and started living […]