It Can Be Done —Rental Real Estate Philippines — Part 3

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Just a quick update on my “It Can Be Done in the Philippines” Rental Real Estate Philippines investment series.  here’s a quick look at the project I have been following that is located right around the corner from my home.  It’s moving right along. See the previous articles in this series at: It Can Be […]

Philippine Living Cheaper — Timely News, Read and Act Now If You Can


I’ve been away for a couple days (had a lovely trip to Davao City, more will follow) but I came across two items of interest to those who might want to travel and save money.  These offers will not last long, but the first one, in particular, is an exceptional saving, so I’m putting them […]

Foreigner Jobs Philippines

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I see there have often been searches here on PhilFAQS, the blog that attempts to answer the frequently asked questions (FAQS) about the Philippines regarding US Department of State jobs in the Philippines. Here’s some information the US State Department just sent and asked me to pass on (US Citizens on are eligible)   For […]

Philippine (Electrical, 220v, 60Hz, AC) Power to the People


A few electrical thoughts written as my trusty air conditioner hums away, sucking down that expensive MERALCO power, for which I am very grateful. It’s the height of the summer here on Luzon … summer peaks much earlier here than it does in more temperate latitudes, and this summer has been the hottest of the […]

Random Thoughts from The Kalbo Kano Kurmudgeon


Today I’m cleaning my in box/draft posts folder.  And yes I know curmudgeon is properly spelled with a “C” but I live in the Philippines and I can spell it anyway I want.  You’ll find many ‘creative’ spellings of English words here, especially the ones that have been adopted into Pilipino or Filipino or Tagalog.  […]

Philippine Questions and Answers — 9 Apr 2009


A little Easter gift.  But what is underneath the pretty wrapping?  We’ve talked here before about the recent Rural Bank Time deposit scams that forced the closure of 12 banks over the Christmas holidays, end of 2008.  Sadly a number of foreigners were involved in peddling these ‘too good to be true’ products, and many […]