Basics of Working in the Philippines for Foreigners

Working in the Philippines

Working in the Philippines.  This article was originally published nearly 4 years ago and it is sad to see how little has changed.  Even though the future for conventional jobs as we used to know them gets worse every years, the vast majority of people just want to sit in their bar stool and botch about […]

Customer Service Philippines Style


It’s good to go back and reflect on older articles sometimes (and correct a few typos now and again).  I wrote this article some days ago and looking back now I am surprised by how so little has changed.  It’s mainly talking about the “Philippine brand” of customer service, but more importantly how the common […]

Why Choose the Philippines — Intro

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This original article on Why Choose the Philippines was published some time back.  I was not able to follow-up on it.  I have updated and corrected errors and will be publishing a separate comparison article on my top choices within the next few days.  Enjoy. Why Choose the Philippines One of the questions I have […]

Are You Rich And Just Don't Know It?


I decided to revisit a blog and blogging colleague I haven’t visited for some time … Dina-Marie from “Dimes2Vines”. Long-time readers may recall I’ve pointed out her blog and her family’s story before, but many of you who visit here (thanks you for that, by the way) are new … and wondering, perhaps why I’d […]

More Health Care Philippines Issues


Right now there’s a lot going on in my life regarding TRICARE, which is a program the US Department of Defense put in place some years back.  According to the DoD, TRICARE fulfills the DoD’s promise made years ago to us young, impressionable GI’s when we were enticed to join the US forces by the […]

Making Enough To Move To The Philippines — A Birthday Wish

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OK, Labor Day is over, today we should be enjoying a Saturday and thinking about or praying for the people who perished on September 11th and the sad fact of how we have given up so many freedoms since then in the name of “national Security”. Tomorrow, the 12th, is my birthday, I’ll be celebrating […]

Houses Run With The Land


And sometimes the “running houses” bump into into things that frustrate and even split families up. My friend Feyma just wrote an interesting article on a “Family Feud” type real estate situation she recently ran into down in Davao.  Go read it, especially if you are thinking about building a house in the Philippines (whether […]

You Are Never Going To Be Happy in the Philippines — Unless —

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How much does this sound like your reasoning behind moving to the Philippines … or wanting to? … In life many of us chase the seemingly elusive ‘prize’ of happiness and seek it out in all sorts of places.  We look for it in a marriage, we wonder if it can be provided by children, […]

How Do You Cope With Living in the Philippines?


This article kind of pairs up with the “slow down” one I wrote recently  It’s mainly an expanded answer I gave to an interesting comment I received from a reader … keep those cards and letters coming, folks. Here’s an interesting comment from faithful reader, Dave from Texas: … More and more frequently I think […]

Slow Down in the Philippines

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One of my long-time Australian readers sent me a link to a nice article from an Australian expat living in Indonesia.  It made for some good, and thought-provoking reading. Even though there are a huge list of differences between living in Indonesia and living in the Philippines, there are definitely some important lessons we expats […]