Live by What the Rule Book Doesn't Say Instead of What It Does Say.


(Previously published.  Significantly updated and corrected in March, 2013, to answer a whole slew of “but does the law allow me to …. ? questions.  If it doesn’t say you can’t, you can) OK, if you’re reading this and you are under the age of 14, go away.  We’re both breaking some kind of federal law about […]

Places to Retire — They Skipped the Philippines?

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Philippine Retirement Living and putting your “Retired Brains” to work.  This article was published a few months back and has been corrected, updated and added back into the article mix to help out those who want to know about earning a living in,the Philippines, doing business in the Philippines and earning money online in retirement.  I also publishing a […]

Why Choose the Philippines — Intro

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This original article on Why Choose the Philippines was published some time back.  I was not able to follow-up on it.  I have updated and corrected errors and will be publishing a separate comparison article on my top choices within the next few days.  Enjoy. Why Choose the Philippines One of the questions I have […]

Making Enough To Move To The Philippines — A Birthday Wish

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OK, Labor Day is over, today we should be enjoying a Saturday and thinking about or praying for the people who perished on September 11th and the sad fact of how we have given up so many freedoms since then in the name of “national Security”. Tomorrow, the 12th, is my birthday, I’ll be celebrating […]

Slow Down in the Philippines

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One of my long-time Australian readers sent me a link to a nice article from an Australian expat living in Indonesia.  It made for some good, and thought-provoking reading. Even though there are a huge list of differences between living in Indonesia and living in the Philippines, there are definitely some important lessons we expats […]

A Surplus of Riches — Or Comparisons of Riches.


Just yesterday I found and wrote about a neat online expense comparison tool called  Expatistan take costs from cites around the world, mostly input by local residents, and cleverly compares them to local costs in a city you might be interested in … giving a quick and first hand look at what it might […]

More Subic Destinations — Johan’s Resort


Last week the UnofficialCook and i went to Subic to have lunch with friends and then to attend one of the regular mixers put on by the Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce (thanks for inviting us, Susan), held at Johan’s Beach and Dive Resort.  Now immediately many readers are going to say, why would […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Leave the Philippines, Or Stay? Part 1

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My blogging colleague at Living in Paradise, who describes herself as “the Filipina wife of a warm and loving American who has decided to come and live with me in Paradise”, recently posted an interesting post regarding an important upcoming decision in her life and asked for comments. You know me, I write long, so […]

I Often Wonder Which Philippines Some Of These Folks Visit

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There’s an old game any serviceman knows well, based on my years in the Air Force.   Probably it is just as common in civilian life too.  Among other things it is called “Can you top this?”.  In practical and irreverent terms it is also called “First liar never stands a chance”. Basically it involves a […]

More on Jobs for Americans Teaching English in the Philippines


I’ve mention the excellent source for Philippines jobs,  Although this site is far from specific for foreigners, there are thousands and thousands of jibs listed.  In the past year or so I have been pleased to see this site evolve as well, it’s been cleaned up, searches are faster, options to narrow searches are […]