Jobs in the Philippines — A New Yorker Perspective


Jobs in the Philippines and Education in the Philippines.  Readers views — Long-time reader Bob New York published one heck of a comment yesterday.  he also wanted to post some pictures in the comments section, which seems to be a technical no-no. So, instead, he’s going up on the main stage.  Thank you, Bob, for […]

Jobs For Americans in the Philippines — Are You Qualified?


Day after day they come … and don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they do … people searching for information about Jobs For Americans in the Philippines. Often they ask me about finding a job in a call center here in the Philippines.  After all: The market here is heavily, very heavily English-oriented. (and most […]

Working in the Philippines — Build Your Own Job?

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Why are there so many articles about Working in the Philippines on this site, lately? Working in the Philippines — Unpopular? It’s pretty generally accepted in the bogging/website world that your traffic … your readership … will pretty much tell you what you ought to write about.  In general, I agree that’s pretty much true. […]

Medical Care in the Philippines — Insurance Companies Do NOT Own Americans


Medical care in the Philippines and medical insurance alternatives.  Here’s an interesting comment from a long-time reader, Bob from New York.  Quite insightful on several different levels. Medical Care in the Philippines I made a few comments, but Bob pretty much has said a lot that I have been saying for years … Americans tend […]

Financial Planning Philippines — Unmarried?


Financial Planning Philippines — You Talking To Me? Well actually, yes I am talking to you about Financial Planning Philippines.  Nobody looks forward to planning life’s “end game”, but the one thing more certain than the tides themselves is, we all have to die, someday.  (You might like 3900 Marbles and Government Health Care for a […]