You Don’t Have To Work Where You Live!


Jobs for Americans in the Philippines Well, here goes yet another post about foreigner jobs in the Philippines.  It is by far my most popular subject when it comes to people finding this site.  They come like little miniature armies, hundreds per day, finding the site with search terms like “Jobs for Foreigners in the […]

More About Foreigner Jobs in the Philippines

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Foreigner Jobs.  This is always one of my popular and searched for items … Jobs for Americans in the Philippines.  Personally, if I had to have a J*O*B I’d rather have one in the US, but who am I to tell others what to do. Jobs for foreigners in the Philippines have traditionally been hard […]

Philippine Jobs and Productivity — Mutually Exclusive?

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One of the things I love about running this blog is how much it seems to write itself.  Fascinating just to sit back and watch, at times.  Here’s a great question from a reader: Hello, Ive been a Broadcast Engineer for the last 31yrs..I have been a vendor to the industry supplying Television stations and […]

Jobs For Americans In The Philippines — Or Anywhere Else


I mention recently that my business associates Jon and Kathryn were likely coming to the Philippines Living in the Philippines — Why Get a Job? as they meander around the world, living where they choose and earning a decent living.  Turns out their plans came to fruition: The Portable Family at Work Dear Dave, This […]