One Way You Could Earn a Decent Living at Your Keyboard

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I’ve been very busy this week.  Haven’t had a lot of time to write general interest articles about living in the Philippines.  Maybe next week will be more conducive to writing … who knows.  It’s also been hotter than I have ever seen it before here on the outskirts of Metro Manila … I’ve been […]

You Don’t Have To Work Where You Live!


Jobs for Americans in the Philippines Well, here goes yet another post about foreigner jobs in the Philippines.  It is by far my most popular subject when it comes to people finding this site.  They come like little miniature armies, hundreds per day, finding the site with search terms like “Jobs for Foreigners in the […]

More on Jobs for Americans Teaching English in the Philippines


I’ve mention the excellent source for Philippines jobs,  Although this site is far from specific for foreigners, there are thousands and thousands of jibs listed.  In the past year or so I have been pleased to see this site evolve as well, it’s been cleaned up, searches are faster, options to narrow searches are […]

Philippine Making Money Ideas — Number 151 — Addendum

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Recently I received a very well thought out comment on the preceding article from long-time reader Ken Lovell.  Ken makes some interesting points so I thought I would answer his comment in the main blog rather than perhaps burying it in the comments.  Says Ken in reference to my idea on building an online business […]

Do You Still Think Things Will Be The Same?


Lest you think I have turned anti-American or something equally as vile, let me try to give you a few facts to illustrate why I don’t think the US is ever coming back as the richest and most powerful nation on earth … global recession 0r no global recession.  Since World War II we Americans […]

Foreigner Jobs Philippines Again


One of the search terms I always rank high for here at PhilFAQS, where you learn the facts about living in the Philippines is, “Jobs for Foreigners in the Philippines”. I some ways that’s a little strange because I usually write about jobs like that in somewhat negative terms … but since very few others […]

You Don’t Need a "Job” to Work For Other People in the Philippines

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An astounding number of searches here at PhilFAQS, the site about really living in the Philippines, revolve around jobs … especially jobs for foreigners. In general, these are hard to find.  There are some available all the time through multi-national corporations and the US government (strange how many people say they want a job but […]