Retire in the Philippines for Good Reason?

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Retire in the Philippines — Can You? So you want to Retire in the Philippines?  Your homework assignment for today is to go and read this excellent article.  Go ahead, I’ll wait, but do come back, because I have some very specific Retire in the Philippines comments and clarification that you might find interesting. Finding […]

More Bumps in the Night — and Unpaid Federal Workers

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As many of you have already there was another large earthquake/after shock in the sea off Miyagi prefecture, Japan last night, Philippine/Japanese time.  This one was much smaller and no significant injuries/damage has been reported. So the work these guys are doing will, I believe, go on unhindered. Sendai airport was not fully open until […]

Waiting to Retire to the Philippines?


Yesterday was my friend Bob’s birthday and as I was sending him a Happy Birthday email I realized he is part of a growing list of people I know who didn’t wait and spend the best years of their lives ‘waiting until the time is right’ before they retire to the Philippines and started living […]

Castle Peak Hotel, Cebu City


Castle Peak Hotel, Cebu, Philippines. Here’s an interesting, well-recommended destination location I came across recently.  Please note that this particular property is not one that I have stayed at, yet, but several trustworthy friends have.  I thought it was well worth featuring because so many hotels and resorts don’t bother to have a website, especially […]

Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu City


I just did a cursory search here on PhilFAQS and was surprised to see that I seem to have ignored an old friend of mine, the Montebello Villa hotel in Cebu.  This is a moderate price hotel located on the north side of the city (within walking distance of the Gisano Country Mall, so anything […]