Sorry Little Fella, Dad Got Laid Off, But Mom's "Internet Venture" Will Carry You Through

I was just going to reference this post in a future article when I noticed several errors and then came across some really useful information which enhanced it, so I re-wrote and am re-issuing it.  I was really interested to note that the original article received exactly zero (0) comments in more than six months public exposure.  But how many people during that time have made plans to try to support themselves in the Philippines by eking out a living with a P15 an hour Internet Cafe, or some other (frankly) “Bottom Feeding” venture?  And, to my valued Filipino readers as well …why are you insisting on selling yourselves so darn short?  You think because you’re Filipino you can never raise yourselves in less than one generation from poverty to having plenty of money?

Well, you can, Filipino, American or any other nationality.  All you have to do is read … and most importantly, DO (You don’t even have to speak English).

Have You Seen This?

Here’s a picture I’m sure you are pretty familiar with.  What a lucky little boy.  Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and all that sort of stuff … “if only my kids could have been born so lucky, eh”?

Well would you kids actually have been that lucky?

I don’t know.

george-alexander-louis-royal-baby-nameHere’s the thing.  On his own, little George owns pretty much nothing and has no real income.  Someday, of course, he might become King of England, a job currently held by his great grandmother … she gets a fixed income of 36 million pounds a year for her own use, to pay all her staff and to maintain all the Royal residences she uses.

But George has to wait for the present queen to be finished with being queen, and then Gorge’s grandfather (yeah, the one who yearns to become a tampon, with the jug ears), has to have his shot at being king, and then Georgie’s dad William can finally earn a salary, for as long as he chooses to be king..

George doesn’t really have much of a shot of any actual income for a whole lot of years to come.

Right now the family actually earns an honest (modest) income because George’s dad is a serving officer in the Royal Air Force … an honorable profession to be sure and one that will pay  a modest retirement if dad keeps on serving.  Something actually independent of the “king” business and handouts from the public trough.

I Mean Money Is Money, But Don’t Most People Want To Earn _Something_ On Their Own?

But retirement from the military isn’t in the cards for William it seems.  I just recent read that Prince William will be trading his military duties for more princely Royal duties starting in a month or so.

Well no surprise, really, but I went to see how many years William had served and what rank he had attained, etc. and guess what I found?

The prince is leaving his RAF post in Anglesey because his unit has been outsourced! Yep, even the future King of England can get laid off.  Those of you who shape your whole life around “Job Security” might really want to have a re-think session.

Yep, the Royal Air Force figures it will be cheaper and a better deal for the people of Britain to convert the military air/sea rescue service to a civilian contractor.  So, sorry, William, here’s you pink slip.

Mom To The Rescue:

Well this is all very tongue in cheek in one way, because  am sure there will be some sort of allowance for Prince William and thus Prince George.  I really don’t know how it must feel to be in your 30’s or 40’s or even 50’s or 60”s (yeah, you, Prince Charles) and still be living off your mom’s allowance, but hey, I guess any port in a storm, eh?

But what would happen if something went awry in politics and the British people decided they were not going to pay for a whole palace or two of Royals, all sitting around waiting to be come King … maybe some day?

Not as farfetched as you think, because after all it has happened in the past.  In fact the queen and her family all use the family name of “Windsor”, but that’s as phony as any Internet scam you are likely to see.  Their actual family name ought to be Saxe-Coburg and Gotha  but the present queen’s grandfather arbitrarily changed it to “Windsor” because the British people didn’t like having a monarch with a German name (and ancestry) back around the time of the First World War.  He certainly couldn’t change his ancestry, but he could just change the name by royal decree and sort of obscure the facts to people who weren’t critical thinkers.

No Matter Your Future Prospects, I Recommend You Build Something For Yourself

Prince William has one very important skill, obviously, he’s as qualified helicopter rescue pilot.  (Of course he can probably only go to work for the outsourcing contractor at way less than when he was a serving officer).  That’s how these outsource deal all work, the contractor breezes in, takes all the expensively trained active service officers, puts them on the street and then offers to hire them back at half pay.

Saves the taxpayer money, though.

But if half pay for a remote and often dangerous assignment isn’t to Prince William’s liking?

Fear not, his wife Catherine has her own “non-Royal family business that instead of begging for their bread off the back of the UK taxpayer, actually goes out and earns real money.

You see little Prince George’s “other” grandparents ..the ones who are actually useful and functioning human beings, operate a little web venture which sells party favors and such.

But Is ‘Net’ Income Real?

“How cute” many of you are saying.  “but income from the Internet isn’t real income,. is it”?

Well it’s a privately held company so they don’t have to post formal corporate accounting figures, but informed sources figure the business at being worth 35 or so million pounds … nearly equal to Queen Elizabeth’s royal Handout, but in the case of the Middleton’s, actually earned in a real business.

So the next time you think that there’s no ‘real money’ online, or think that there is something a little “sleazy” about earning online income, belter think of dear little Prince George.

If his daddy’s’ gratuitous handouts from the public aren’t going to support the family, mom can always contribute a little real-world Internet income to keep house and home together.

What doe this have to do with living in the Philippines you may ask?

Plenty, says I.

Don’t relay on getting a retirement income “someday”, because “someday” may never come.

Enable or empower yourself today, while things are good, so you won’t have to be a man I n his 60’s living off his mom’s government handout checks, waiting for the day he might possibly have an actual job for a few years.

It can be as simple as I make $100 USD per hour when I work this tiny, simplistic site.  feel free to ask me how.

Or you can take a close, critical look at Bumble Bee Linens, were a lady quit her $100k a year job and now makes way more selling handkerchiefs, on-line, from home.  Be sure to also look at her husband Steve’s blog, My Wife Quit Her Job and perhaps sign up for his totally free six-part course on How To Create a Profitable Online Store.

Or, take a look at this short, 12-slide presentation that explains a little about why I am so “bullish” on ecommerce.  Going forward it is a gigantic market, and no “computer skills” or even fluent English is required.  Find a need, fill the need, ask people to buy your product/solution.
There is a product sold at the end of this presentation. I say, if this is your first venture into ecommerce, DO NOT buy it (yet). Steve’s free course is much better. But you WILL learn a lot from these 12 slides, trust me on that.


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      Thanks, it’s semi-fixed now. Turned out it was a much bigger thing than what was originally just a typo … but then that’s why running your own site is always so much more fun, just like living in the Philippines. Thanks for reading and for noticing.

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