How To Find English Teaching Jobs in the Philippines

You know many people will argue about the value of a blog like this one having comments turned on, so that readers can voice their opinions, leave questions, etc.

At time I question the advisability of allowing comments myself .. especially since many of my articles get few, or even no comments.

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

But then again, some get hundreds, so overall I believe, as the editor/publisher around these parts that the continual spam, and the goofy comments that ask the same question as the article they are left on just covered, in detail, take up a lot of time.

But the main reason I allow and deal with comments is, we … writer and reader both … can often learn as much from the comments as from the article itself.

Here’s a great case that proves my point.  A comment just came in, this morning, my time.  Here it is:

Can someone give me some information about applying for an English teaching job in Manila. I don’t have an ESL certificate but I have a Masters degree and have taught English Composition at colleges.

OK, super.  Of course we can give quite a bit of information on that subject.  In fact, it’s easy.  Just go here to my dedicated Jobs In The Philippines search page and take action with what you find there.  I just went and looked myself .. only 514 listings to choose from, just in Manila .. more if you include other cities, and remember, “Manila” is not only a city in its own right, it is the general name for 16 other cities which make up Metro Manila … the National Capital Region.  You’ll find a lot more listings if you search by specific cities such as Pasay, Makati, Quezon City, etc.

OK, problem solved, done and dusted, on to the next comment, eh?

Well, we could say that, but I, myself, am not so sure that looking through classifieds and then going through the perhaps year-lo9ng “thicket” of trying to legally get a job as a foreigner in the Philippines everyone who has not REALLY should read

10 Reasons You Don’t Want A Job In The Philippines

Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

Philippine language schools, in general are a tough environment.  The majority of them are teaching Korean students who come to the Philippines mainly for one reason .. it’s cheap.  Many are young people more interested in booze and broods than learning, and the schools often expect the teachers to carry a punishing workload.

There are many schools who operate on the edge of the law, or even outside the law, and will take on teachers “off the books”, folks without any work permits, and pay them close to starvation wages, because they can … the teachers, having put themselves into an “illegal Alien” position .. often unintentionally, have no legal recourse.  It reminds me of the distasteful opportunists in the USA who make a lot of money off illegal Mexicans or TnT Filipinos who are hiding out and have to take whatever low wages they can get, along with requirements to kick back salaries and such because they have no choice.

So what’s my alternative recommendation?

Set yourself up to teach English online as an independent online business person.  It’s legal, the working conditions are a hell of  a lot better, and you won’t have to be in the classroom 8 or 9 hours a day, six days a week … or ride Jeepneys to work.

I’ve written a lot on this subject, if you want to learn more you can start here

Teaching English In The Philippines (or any other country)

Many readers are familiar with my series on making a business out of teaching English in the Philippines (starts here Live in the Philippines — Online English Business Thoughts 1) as a way to support yourself in the Philippines (or enable you to become financially independent of where you live), so you can live in the Philippines if you want to.

and then follow the “Related Articles” listings at the bottom of the article.

Job’s are the model of your grandfather and your father.  They are NOT the model going forward into the 21st century.  Not only are jobless rates outstandingly bad, all over the world, but even those with jobs already assured are suffering very real loss of income and a huge decline in their standard of living, month after month, year after year.

If you are in your 50’s or 60’s and reading this, to a large degree you can just say, “so what”.  But if you are in your 20’s or 30’s, in the year 2013, and you are out there looking for a conventional J*O*B, then in the opinion of this old man, you are following the wrong path … I wouldn’t want to be you when you reach your 50’s or 60’s.

Make a course correction in your trajectory right now, guys and gals … stop selling yourselves cheaply into job slavery.  It’s like a career selling buggy whips in the year 1913 … going nowhere but down.

You may think I am all wet, but what if I am right?  You have been warned.

Make Money by Teaching English OnlineAnd Now For A New and Different Approach:

Many people will read the articles on setting themselves up to teach independently and decide that no, the idea is not for them.  “Don’t know anything about the Internet”, to shy or awkward to try to “promote themselves’, and many other excuses always seem to come up.

Well let me introduce you to a great book that just came to my attention, a book I wish I’d written.  This is something totally new to the market, written by a fellow who shares many of my thoughts, but more importantly, has come out with a couple much better techniques and strategies than I have thought of.  You can gain virtually all the benefits I have been talking about, but you don’t have to set up any website or handle marketing and scheduling students on your own.

Pretty slick. Super Cheap. Recommended.

Note that this is an Amazon Kindle book, but you do NOT need a Kindle to read it.  Amazon has free readers for any computer or mobile device you prefer to use.

Make Money by Teaching English Online


  1. Gary says

    My wife Meriam is a teacher. Not an easy lfe. I really past the working age and teaching English here in the Philippines doesn’t sound like fun to me.

    I read the other day that the Philippines is about to pass a law that will tax internet income. How will that affect you Dave???

  2. says

    Hi Dave,
    I’m a teacher in the US and I’m starting an online teaching school for English learners. It takes time and effort but it will be worth it.

    • says

      @ Kevin:

      Thanks so much for joining in the discussion/ You might find this article of mine of interest.

      Also, are you familiar with ? They are tapping the English language instruction market in a BIG way. they are based in a tiny little Wyoming town but their market is ‘the world”, especially China and India. It appears they employ only US degreed/certificated teachers, and thus might be right up your alley. As Americans we often lose sight of just how big the world and its markets are … read the other day that in India, for example, there are more kids in “Gifted and Talented” classes than there are kids total in the USA … and unlike the USA, their population is not “aging out”.

      One inescapable problem for the US educational segment is, we aren’t producing new students fast enough. Thus whatever the issues with teachers/unions/charter schools/management/mismanagement/why tenure is good/why tenure is bad and all the other emotional issues folks love to debate in the USA, the underlying challenge of education is, it’s a shrinking industry, not a growth industry.

      • says

        Hi Dave,
        I’ve read all your other articles and am familiar with what it takes to teach online. I have taken Bisaya lessons online with Bebe for about two years and also taught math online at Wiziq for a few years also. It is mentally demanding focusing on each student hour after hour. Plus, for each different student, some time should be taken to develop a small lesson plan for their progress.

        I have read about Eleutian and they are a growing company. But it all comes back to this: Either work for someone else or work for yourself. I chose the latter. You and Bob have given me inspiration to start my own school and to be independent. I have lots of good ideas on teaching and motivating my students and I know I can make it happen. I have researched this subject and found that working for some of these online schools forces the teacher to teach a narrow lesson and at specific company hours and at a lower (6-12/hr) hourly wage considering the time and effort put into this.

        So for these reasons, I starting my own school where I can focus on my strengths and abilities. As you said, it’s a big world out there with many looking for English instruction, and all I need is a couple dozen students or so. This will be just a part time job for me, but who knows where it will lead.

  3. says

    I got my TESOL certificate online from Uni-prep – I was wondering do private schools in Manila hire without experience?

    • Philly says

      Sorry Randy,

      I have no idea. It would be up to the individual school, now wouldn’t it. Contact the individual school(s) you are interested in and ask them directly. As you know if you read the article you are commenting on, I do NOT recommend the route you are taking. Godspeed.

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