Getting Around — It's Not A Jeepney, It's Not A Taxi, It's An FX

image One thing transportation doesn’t lack here in the Philippines is variety.  here’s another very common “transpo tool” in metro areas … the “FX”.   This really is shorthand for a form of semi-private livery service which took it’s name from the vehicle most often used, the Toyota Tamaraw FX.  Tamaraw is a Tagalog name for the Philippine carabao (water buffalo) the hard working, rugged, easy to maintain farmer’s all ’round beast of burden and motive force for years.  When Toyota Philippines wanted to highlight the ruggedness and utility of their box-like “designed for the Philippines” utility vehicle they picked a great name … Tamaraw has good connotations in most everyone’s mind.

Once the boxy and economical vehicles hit the streets it wasn’t long before enterprising Filipinos started using them for car services.  typically, if your town is near a big city, there will be an “FX terminal”or two.  You ask to make sure where the driver is going and if it’s the right route you pick a seat … plan on 4 or 5 abreast … I usually pay for two seats to get a little extra room … pay a modest flat rate fare … here in Marilao it’s 45 pesos to the MRT rail station on EDSA and you’re off.  typically it’s a non-stop ride, FX’s don’t stop at every corner hoping for passengers as Jeepneys do.

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Most FX drivers will also lease themselves out for a day or half day.  When I hire a car I usually like to pick something a little less utilitarian than an FX, but if the whole family is going, or your destination is out in the bundocks then an EX can be a great bet.