Enough Income to Live in the Philippines? Do You Actually Know Enough?

I get that question, “Do I have enough income to live in the Philippines continually.  Anyone interested in the Live in the Philippines “Space” hears it, reads it, even asks it time and time again.  In addition to a lot of articles I have written on the subject, I link to two very useful “Cost Comparison” tools, which, since they are driven by and updated by ‘real people” actually living here, should go along way to answering the question. 



Really, is there a lot more to be said about living costs.  It’s cheaper in the Philippines, over all for a ‘semi-US” standard of living.  At least 40% cheaper, by my personal experience, going on 7 years now, and several thousands of people contributing to these sites above (and others)?

I Don’t Want To Talk About Philippine Cost of Living Anymore:

What I want to talk about today is you .. yes everyone of you reading this … man, woman, young, old, American, Filipino or any other country.

It doesn’t matter what you currently do for a living, where you presently live, where you want to live in the future … all of that is of no consequence.  My point today is very simple:

You (and I) are all In Trouble.  And it’s time now, today to start doing something .. not thinking about it, not “planning”, not considering, but DOING something.

The problem?

Much of the world is going broke, and as of now the US is leading the rest of the world right over a fiscal cliff.  No, no the Fiscal Cliff problem didn’t go away in the last days of 2012 when Congress and the President did their phony political dance and “averted disaster”.  The didn’t “Avert” any disaster, they just dug the pit a little deeper so we are still in free fall and haven’t hit bottom yet. 

Think that recent news from the Senate shows that much of the US government won’t have to “sequester” this year?  Again, not a damn thing has been done to fix the problem, it has just been kicked a little further down the road.

If you have a job, you already know that your salary is going no where but down and even if you haven’t taken any pay cuts, your purchasing power has eroded, markedly, in the past few years.  If you are on unemployment, you know that your weeks are running out and “the government” hasn’t done jack shit to actually create any jobs.  If you are sick you know your health care costs have spiraled up and you aren’t very confident that “Obamacare” is going to do anything to help.

If you read the financial news regarding the Euro, you know that civilized,formerly well to do countries like Spain and Greece are only (barely0 maintaining order in the streets, at the expense of shooting their own citizens.

But then again, maybe you don’t care.  After all, ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

Ignorance Will Be The Death Of You!


If there is one single thing in my life regarding helping people with answers to their questions, it is the almost 100% surety that when I suggest something to someone they might to to help empower themselves, the response will be “But I Don’t Know How.”

In the words of a key figure who shaped my life, TSgt Clarence D. Marshall, my Senior Training Instructor at Lackland AFB, back in 1965 … “Well aw no shit, troop”.

TSgt Marshall’s point?  None of knows how, until we learn.

Just yesterday I had a frustrating problem getting a website which had been hacked and had some other issues moved to a new web host.  It didn’t move easily.  Fought me every step of the way, actually.

When I started I surely, demonstrably “Didn’t Know How.”  I wasn’t born ‘web smart” you know.  And I sure didn’t learn it in any school.

But you know what I did?

I tried things.  When they didn’t work, I read and researched more and tried a couple different ideas.  When they didn’t work, I read more and tried a couple more basic things.

And then … boom.  It worked. 

The site is moved, it’s “malware” free and it is recording page views and clicks and I can go on to some other things that need doing.

I’m telling you this not to toot my own horn.  heck I couldn’t make a pimple on the ass of a real website expert.

But my point is, anything you need to do in today’s digital, global world you CAN learn to do.

You don’t need a college degree.  You don’t need some special trade school.  You don’t even need to buy some “gurus’s” “Magic Book” that will suddenly give you all the knowledge you need.

You just need to knuckle down and learn.  (and a secret hidden value which comes from this, you acquire knowledge which can not be taken from you.  It’s as good as buying Krugerrands or some other “inflation beater” technique … but better, actually, because unlike gold, your knowledge can not be stolen from you).

So The Choice Is Yours.  Ignorance or Knowledge?

More accurately, weakness or power? 

Which appeals to you more? 

Which will help the most when things get even worse, nanny-government-wise? (and it will, trust me on that)

Here’s some interesting words from my friends at Marginal Boundaries, a site I highly recommend becoming acquainted with.

(Note they do sell products, but I am not pushing any of tem .. there is way more to learn there for free than most of you will bother with .. so pick up some of the “free Krugerrands” lying around there if you want to live empowered rather than bleating “I Don’t Know How” like a helpless sheep.)

Or you can choose to live free. Go global. Learn a few languages. Work in several different countries. Look for opportunities around the world. Conquer the planet.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”~ Steve Jobs

In the digital age of free information, ignorance is a Choice.


  1. says

    Truer words have never been spoken. With the Internet, we now have the world’s greatest library at our fingertips. There is nothing we cannot learn if we are inclined to do so.

    • says

      Agree with Bob. I learned what I know now about websites, WordPress and webmastering online.

      And I’m learning new things as well just by browsing around on the web, applying the new found information in my situation and from there I find out if it will work or not. And that’s on anything, anything I need to learn about. Photography, home improvement, a little bit of programming – anything!

      It just takes reading and testing what you read within your needed situation – with care, of course if you are doing something like tinkering with electrical wiring!

      The internet is not only knowledge. It also allowed ordinary folks – people without high connections and no money – to become sensations which would not have been possible without the likes of YOutube or Twitter. All you had to have is the talent, the guts to show it and the perseverance to work on showing the world what you got.

      But for me the most important aspect of it is that, the internet allowed many of my kababayans earn a good living online. I’ve seen it happen before and I still see it happening now. Filipinos (or whoever, for that matter) can access employers or jobs from overseas without leaving the country. It was my dream for myself during the late 80′s and now it is happening to some kababayans.

      But to succeed, just like a regular job, you have to put in real work. For it does not happen overnight. Just like real work, it takes perseverance and thinking as well.

      I hope those people still looking for the “make money online” to “live in the Philippines” thing realize that talking, prowling forums, dreaming and repeatedly asking for help will not cut it. They themselves have to initiate the work needed and improve it on their own. Because no amount of help will make your aspirations become real if you don’t act and work, work, work, work. Period.

      • says

        @ Manuel

        Thanks for the confirmation, Manuel. I am especially appreciative hearing that from you because you are one of the “doers” out there on the ground, making tracks. So many folks are just sitting around ‘waiting for an opportunity”.

        They remind me of people waiting in an MRT station in Makati on a Friday night, trying to get home, and letting train after train pass them by because the trains are already packed full.

        They could get where they were going if they learned to shove in, but instead they stand there murmuring “If Only” an empty train will come along.

        “Opportunities” are leaving the station every few minutes … they just may not have reserved seats and engraved invitations readily apparent.


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