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Recently my friend Dave Dewall published a couple interesting articles about blogging in the Philippines in the professional sense.  Dave has been blogging for sometime but I’ve only noticed that he’s developing a more serious and professional slant to his work relatively recently .. and I like it.  he’s a fast learner and he makes some very good points.  In particular:

… I’ve taken his advice to heart and have managed to increase my monthly income and will live in the Philippines by blogging.  I have made the website more successful in terms of readership (see graphs below from my StatCounter) by bringing in 100-200 new visitors on a daily basis and increasing page loads, the times someone looks at a page in the website, from 80 page loads a day up to over 700 at times, and averaging around 500 daily loads now. I plan to bring in even more readers every day, and give them information they can use along with some entertainment.   Can you be successful by making money blogging? Absolutely! … read more at: Can You Live In The Philippines by Blogging?

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

Then Dave wrote a follow-on article which went into a bit more detail about his methods .. and patience.

… Can you live in the Philippines by blogging and make money blogging? Sure, but you need to get started first, and I think Blogger is a good way to get that start. With plenty of work, research, and perseverance you can be successful and have some fun doing it. I guarantee you that if I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, I would have quit a long time ago. But I love doing this, sure beats the “9-to-5″ routine back in the States, and I get to communicate with a lot of great folks.  So can you live in the Philippines by blogging and not get a regular job?  It won’t be easy, but anything worthwhile usually isn’t. Good luck! read the complete article here: Can You Live In The Philippines by Blogging? Part Two

pathways of life

This Is Life, Blogging is Much Less Complicated

Well I’ll just throw up a blog and make money with it.  After all, Dave does and Dave does, so it must be the right path for me.  Hmm, perhaps you should back up a bit, steamboat.

First of all, as we’ve already mentioned, a blog is often far from the best way for you to make money online.

Second, you may have never even explored some of the more lucrative and productive ways you could supplement your income or even earn an income to live in the Philippines (or to make your retirement more satisfying and empowered, which is my major motive for online industry.

You might want to read this article I just published in one of my other online ventures … I think I was able to make some sense there:

What will you do next year?  Consider your tax strategies to keep all that’s legal of the profits you are making?

Or whine about whichever political party is responsible for your paltry retirement handout?

Pretty counter-productive and negative thinking in my view.  Doesn’t much matter who is in Congress or the White House, they all try to balance the budget on the backs of the retiree.

After all, we won’t be around all that much longer, so they don’t need to think about us much.

And they’re mostly so arrogant they think they’ll be powerful people forever.  Stop living in anger and rejection.  Do something proactive with your retirement years.

Myself, I’m doing business, paying taxes and grateful for the opportunity/necessity.

Here’s to your success in empowering your retirement! … read the entire article here:

10 Ways To Make Money In Retirement — Online Updated

Also, I suggest reading this short piece from my friend Daniel Scocco.  Daniel is a young man from Brazil who has done wonders with a couple of very profitable online ventures, and I believe in a lot of what he has to say … he’s helped me a lot.

You Can Make Money Online Doing Anything You Want

I often get people asking me the following question: “What is the best way to make money online?” They wonder if they should focus on blogging, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, web design, selling ebooks, or what.

My short answer to that question is: there is no “best” way. All business models can work if you work hard, smartly, and persistently … Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am not saying that making money online on any segment is easy. It is hard. But it is pretty much equally hard, regardless of the business model or segment you choose.

Well there’s a pretty hefty reading assignment, if you chose to read all I have summarized here.  Something to keep you out of mischief this weekend, while you wonder what the right answer is to changing your life around so you can enjoy living in the Philippines while you are still young enough to actually enjoy it.

Will you take a shot at moving forward?  or wait some more until ‘the time is right’?  S’up to you.


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