Do Or Dabble, It’s Up To You

Remember Clint Eastwood’s famous line from the “Dirty Harry” movies? “Do you feel lucky, Punk?  Well, Do ya”?

Well I’m not Clint, but I have a line I love to use that is similar to that.  “Do You Want To Do, or Do You Want to Dabble?  Well, Do ya”?

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

Needless to say, it doesn’t often win me friends, but I feel there are times it is called for.  In particular, I often feel the need to say it when I get yet another message from a reader who wants information about making money online, especially blogging with the goal of making an income.  Often, they are talking about setting themselves sup with a blog so they can make money when they come to live in the Philippines.

They don’t have any real desire to blog, they don’t have any real message to convey, or any burning need to enlighten people or prove some point.  They see it as a source of income, and they figure, “Hey, if that bozo Starr can do it, how hard can it be”?

Smith-Wesson-44-Magnum-revolver-Clint-Eastwood-Dirty-HarryWell to tell the truth the mechanics aren’t hard at all .. hey, I’m living proof you don’t have to be a great writer .. or even a competent speller.  Heck I can show you how to get a blog online in 5 minutes or less, for an outlay of absolutely no money (write me if you want to know how).  But your chances of making money from something like that?  Oh, roughly the same as that punk in the movie staring down the “Holland Tunnel” barrel of Harry’s .44 Mag.

You see, most of the queries I get are not from “Doers”.  They are from people who are just “testing the waters” or “Dabbling” in blogging (and other on-line business endeavors.  “I tried blogging (or whatever) and it doesn’t work.”  Really?  For what, a week, a month even?  And you worked how many hours a day at it? (“Dabbling” on Facebook isn’t “Working”, by the way).

Folks, the thing is, it doesn’t work that way.  If you are just going to “Dabble”, then don’t even waste your time.  I am here as living proof that id you “Dabble” instead of “Do”. in years you are still going to be “Dabbling”.

I blog.  But I spend way too much time “Dabbling” and not “Doing” … that’s why after10 years I only make a trickle of the income I could be making if I were a “Doer” and not a “Dabbler”.

Here’s a colleague of mine who has been blogging about as long as I have, and who makes perhaps a thousand times what I do at it .. Steve Pavlina.  Take advice from an expert, not a mere “Dabbler” like me…

Is It Time for You to Stop Dabbling and Get Serious?

If you want to start on a serious career path, don’t even think about giving up during the first year. Very little happens during the first year in terms of results. Most businesses aren’t even profitable in their first 2 years; it takes them that long just to become sustainable, even for fairly small businesses.

So many would-be pro bloggers give up in their first 6 months. They get bored, lose interest, or get a “better” idea for some other venture. I see them change topics or URLs and start over once or twice a year. After five years of this kind of dabbling, they’ve still barely gotten anywhere. They keep erasing what little progress they’ve made, so they never have the chance to develop anything serious and enduring.

When it comes to building any sort of business, either online or offline, this dabbling approach is a bit ridiculous because the real payoff from business comes from consistency over a period of years. It takes time to build a following, attract customers, develop products and services, gain links and search engine placement, generate referrals, develop good business sense, acquire expertise, and figure out how to generate income from your work in ways that feel congruent to you.  read more

Well, what’s your thought?  Are you going to turn into a “Doer” on me and put in the work, or are you going to stay a “Dabbler”?


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    I wish I was more of a ‘doer’, but it doesn’t look like I will ever turn into one. I forget and I procrastinate too much so I’ll probably be a ‘dabbler’ always. Maybe I can be a “Dabbledoer”?

    • says

      @ John Jackson

      Maybe that’s me too, Jhn … a Dabbledoer. You know I really wrote this article to myself. I had just put in about 4 hours of actual work … not dabbling … on a number of other projects and I was stoked by how much I had really gotten accomplished in those four hours of actually applying myself. It “pumped me up”. Sadly, haven’t done much more thna dabble since then *sigh*

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