Rules for contacting me.  Please read.

I welcome direct communication here. But please do me two favors first, OK?

If your contact is about “Finding a Job in the Philippines”, please go read this article about “Why You Don’t Want a Job in the Philippines and read about the facts of life regarding jobs in the Philippines FIRST.

Your question has probably been asked and answered already.  Please read the FAQS and Tips page before you ask the same question again.  It’ll save us all time and trouble.

Second, the box to send your query is limited.  There is a reason for that.  Please don’t send comment after comment after comment if you have a lot to say.  Just send me an first message about the general subject and wait for my response.

Also, please don’t pound me with Pleas or even Demands for immediate responses.  I do the best I can, free.  Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency response on my part.

If you don’t want to work with me in that way, then feel free to hit your ‘back key’ now and find your answer elsewhere … I am surely not the world’s only expert.

I hate to mention this but I am continually frustrated by people pouring out their life story and then using a non-working email address. Or else never acknowledging they received the response.

If you want help, I am happy to help, but I feel the least you can do is set up two-way communication first. Please.

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