Blessed Are the Meek — Or Are They?

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First of all, let me throw in a little disclaimer here.  This post isn’t really all that much about religion, but I do throw in some Bible teaching and no matter what your personal feelings about religion, you can’t learn much about the Philippines without recognizing the fact that it is one of the most […]

Living in the Philippines — Superbowl Monday


Yes, Monday, not Sunday … because that is when the game is played, Philippine time.  Sometimes it’s nice to be a day ahead of my readers back in North America, sometimes it’s a distinct disadvantage. But, although we won’t be having any memorable Sunday night Superbowl dinners and such, we can have a great Monday morning Superbowl Brunch. I’m not a […]

Retire in the Philippines — More No Firm Plan Ideas

Retire in the Philippines. It’s a popular subject.  I got a gratifying ‘read’ on a recent article about expat retiring on the Philippines, including so very useful comments and email.  one comment was so good, I couldn’t resist making another blog post out of it (Thanks, Mike, and to anyone else who wants to see […]

Warning to All US Veterans

This is reprinted at the  request of the US Department of  Veterans  Affairs … the “VA”: WARNING TO VETERANS Forwarded by Kevin Secor, VSO Liaison, Office of the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. An organization called Veterans Affairs Services (VAS) is providing benefit and general information on VA and gathering personal information on […]

Slow Down in the Philippines

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One of my long-time Australian readers sent me a link to a nice article from an Australian expat living in Indonesia.  It made for some good, and thought-provoking reading. Even though there are a huge list of differences between living in Indonesia and living in the Philippines, there are definitely some important lessons we expats […]

Live in the Philippines on $770 a Month Still Possible?


The funny thing about running a site like PhilFAQS, where I attempt to answer the questions people have about living in the Philippines, especially for retirement is .. you become “Internet Famous” for things you never intended to become “Internet Famous” for. Fortunately, this hasn’t jumped up and bitten me too badly … yet … […]