Why You Don't Need a J*O*B — Philippines or Elsewhere

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Another in my frequent articles detailing the way real world people earn money without the so often sought after, anonymous, ubiquitous “J*O*B that used to be so important, last century, but to me seems indeed, so last century here in century 21. Funny how I came across the subject of today’s article.  A fellow contacted […]

The Market Expands — At Least I Hope It Does


Finally, an affordable Business Class. Fasten those seatbelts, because here comes a fresh approach to premium class travel. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines presents businessOasis – business class without the price sticker shock! Starting from just £470 one-way, tickets will be available from this fare, on every flight year round. Non-stop flights at non-stop value. Simple […]

Chickens in the Philippines

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Chickens in the Philippines. Where did that idea come from? Well, as usual, it came from one of my most valuable assets in the world, my readers here at PhilFAQS (where yu can get the answers to Frequently Asked Question (FAQS) about living in the Philippines. Even about chickens in the Philippines. Now this isn’t a post […]

Start a Business in the Philippines — Do You Really Want To?

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Start a Business in the Philippines.  Yesterday I wrote an article about how to start a business in the Philippines.  You might want to refer back to it if you are still in that Philippine business dream world. Start a Business in the Philippines — Practical? One of my good readers here at PhilFAQS is […]

Start a Business in the Philippines


Start a Business in the Philippines Note to long-time readers:  This post was originally published back in June, 2009.  It’s still one of my most in-demand subjects, though, so I brought it up-to-date, fact checked it and rolled it out again to meet reader demand. This is one of those sorts of posts that I really don’t care much about […]

Online Business Philippines — No English Teaching Allowed


My last article about Online Business Philippines expounded at some length (yes, I know, too long to suit some) about the idea of teaching English Online from the Philippines or from any other country you might be living in. I promised coverage on real business that work from the Philippine, or anywhere else, without bring […]

Start a Business in the Philippines — Legal Ways to Own

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Just a quick update to my last article on how to Start a Business in the Philippines.  (there’s more about Business in the Philippines here) Start a Business in the Philippines — Freeports I mentioned, briefly, the two major Freeport initiatives of the Philippine Government … the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and the Clark Freeport […]

Start a Business in the Philippines — General Thoughts


Start a Business in the Philippines.  Now there’s a thought.  Can a foreigner start a business in the Philippines as a way to make a living, instead of searching, searching, searching for that seemingly impossible task of finding a job for a foreigner in the Philippines? (You might also like There’s a Philippine Pony In […]

When Opportunity Knocks, Answer The Door

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This article was originally published years ago here … but no one seemed to take much notice.  Perhaps if I rejuvenate it, correct a few errors and republish it, some of my readers … especially my Filipino readers … will actually read it and take notice.  You are throwing money out the window, my friends […]

Just Fall In Line Behind The Chicken — Life in the Philippines

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A few days back I took my car to the dealer for its routine 40,000 kilometer service (that’s about 25,000 miles for the Metrically challenged out there).  Yep four years now of living in the Philippines and car ownership in the Philippines and I have accumulated 25,000 miles already?  Already/  Heck I would have run […]