State Tax Breaks — In The Philippines?


“We are planning a move out of the United States, possibly to the Philippines.  Our retirement will come from pension plans in the U.S. If we receive our checks in the Philippines, we understand that we still will have to pay federal taxes.  However, there is no domicile state that can collect taxes.  So doesn’t […]

You Don’t Need a "Job” to Work For Other People in the Philippines

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An astounding number of searches here at PhilFAQS, the site about really living in the Philippines, revolve around jobs … especially jobs for foreigners. In general, these are hard to find.  There are some available all the time through multi-national corporations and the US government (strange how many people say they want a job but […]

Earn A Living In The Philippines


This is a free announcement for ALL my readers.  You certainly don’t need to be an American to participate, or too succeed online.  Virtually every day someone calls me or emails me to ask … at times even beg … for information on making money in the Philippines, getting a job in the Philippines, earning […]

Philippine Questions — Thursday, 7 May 2009


Time to revisit another old favorite subject here at PhilFAQS, where we answer your questions about living in the Philippines.  This has certainly been covered before, but people search for the subject continuously and I am here to try to give them what they need. Writing yourself a check and other Philippine Money and Philippine […]

Philippine Maps Just Got a Whole Lot Better


One of the things that has troubled me for years about living in the Philippines, learning about living in the Philippines, helping people move to the Philippines, etc., has been the near complete lack of decent digital maps for the Philippines.  It’s very hard to “point” someone to any kind of digital map online, and […]

Free Skills to Become Successful in the Philippines

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I received feedback from some readers that indicated these posts on making a living in the Philippines are not as popular as my simple, first-person accounts of just plain daily life here in Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines. So I certainly promise to focus in that direction in the coming year, but more than 70% of my […]

Saving Energy for Practical People — Part 4

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It’s about time for an update on this ongoing series, don’t you think?  I’ve been having a great discussion on the subject of solar and commercial electric service over on Randy’s excellent blog, Journey to Samal.  I’m certainly going to be writing more on the subject, but I thought that today I might cover something […]

Saving Energy for Practical People — Part 3

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I wanted to start out today with an advertiser shout out for a couple of important sponsors here at  I promote various products for two different reasons … occasionally they make me a little money (Donald Trump is in no immediate danger from me).  More importantly, they offer services and products that I think […]