Elevating Consumer Protection for Credit Card Holders in the Philippines


This week has been a terrible start for South Korean card holders. A reported 20 million people fell victim to the largest private leak of private financial information. Thus, people are going nuts, with 1.5 million subscribers cancelling or renewing their credit card contracts since Monday. Unfortunately, credit card fraud and identity theft aren’t exclusive […]

Don’t Try To Live Your Life On An ATM Card!


I just had a recent query on this issue … living your life in the Philippines on an ATM card, so I decided to update and republish the information in hopes it will help a few readers out there perhaps avoid getting themselves into the same “pickle” over and over and over.  People tell me, […]

Is There A Philippine Euro in the Future?


Asian leaders ponder common currency By South East Asia correspondent Karen Percy   As leaders got together in Thailand to discuss regional issues, the idea of combining the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and APEC was again talked about. The idea is to bring more countries together to cooperate on issues of regional security […]

Investing In the Philippines — RTB’s


I’ve written more than once in this journal about some strangely structured and ill-advised investment schemes (scams?) in the Philippines.  Sadly some of them were even heavily touted by fellow expats, and I’ve lost friends over the issue as well. One huge scheme, the Legacy Group Rural Bank fiasco is still playing out in many […]