Do You Make Enough Money To Get Married?


As most of you know I often expand on reader’s comments and question for two reasons. First so I have space to give a more through, considered answer. Second so that all readers will more easily see the answer instead of it being hidden down in the comments chain where people really have to “dig” […]

Is Getting Married a Quick Way to the USA?


Here’s a very common question I get here at PhilFAQS … how can a US and a Filipina (Phil-Am) couple get together as quickly and cheaply as possible?  I’ll keep this short and simple and answer this readers questions as directly as I can.  If any of you have similar questions which I don’t cover […]

Can My Philippine Friend Visit Me in the USA?


US Visitor visa concerns. Originally published sometime back.  Significantly updated and corrected for my current reader’s information.  Thanks for being a reader, by the way. I have received a lot of queries over the years about the US Visitor Visa (known as a B2 Visa to the US State Department) for Filipinos. People want to know, […]

Can My Friend Get a US Tourist Visa?


Can She Get a US Tourist Visa? This is a frequent question for me here at, where I try to answer the FAQS (frequently asked questions) about living in the Philippines. As always, with a question on US Tourist visas, the answer is yes, no, or maybe. More about your girlfriend getting a tourist […]

Bringing A Loved One To The US — Fiancée Visa

US Tourist Visas

Previously published.  Significantly updated and corrected, 2 December 2012 If you are sure that the Fiancé(e) Visa is the one for you, then this post will give you a complete overview of what’s involved.  As always I try to quote from authoritative sources and in this case you can’t get much more authoritative than the […]

Green Card and Immigration Attorney Thoughts


It’s that time of the year again.  I’m starting to see ads encouraging people to enter the US INS Diversity Visa Lottery program, commonly called the Green Card lottery. Use caution, please.  A few facts, especially for Filipinos and other non-US folks who might want to check these offers out: There is no need to […]

Enter a Lottery, Win a Green Card — Maybe


Just a short note this morning to highlight a perennial old wives tale scam that so frequently circulates on Philippine and Philippine related sites and communities. The scam revolves around a perfectly legal and time-honored program of the USA that has been going on for years now … the Diversity Visa Program … I guess […]

Bringing A Loved One To The US — Overview


OK, you’ve met that special someone and you can’t wait to bring him/her to the US.  So what means are available to you?  The system of visas for the US is both abroad and complicated issue.  I don’t know/can’t advise on every situation (you need a legal professional when you need legal advice, I am […]