Who Are The Filipinos, Anyway? Part 1

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Something good happened recently, which reminded me of this article, so I went and searched it out, updated it, and decided to give those of you who hadn’t seen it before a chance to enjoy it, as I did.  Godspeed. I like to tell the truth, as I see it.  I also hate to see […]

Outsourcing Doesn't Cost — It pays

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By Ros Krasny Fri Aug 25, 12:03 PM ET JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming (Reuters) – Take that, Lou Dobbs. Despite much handwringing and political posturing, the surge of job outsourcing, by increasing productivity, has actually helped raise real wages for low-skilled U.S. workers, according to two Princeton University economists. They countered critics of outsourcing, including high-profile […]

Tiny island hires 3,000 Filipinos

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“Once again, this is a shining testament to the world-class Filipino worker,” An interesting story today about the tiny island of New Caledonia.  The island is owned by France, one of the last vestiges of France’s former empire and is rich in Nickel and Cobalt ores.  One might wonder why France didn’t staff this project […]

Philippine Living – Good News Potpourri

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A couple “catch up” news items today plus a shout out to a couple Philippine government agencies trying to do a good job in providing useful resources to foreigners and Philippine citizens alike. Philippine Embassy in Dublin opens Temporary Office Posted: 14 Jul 2009 03:26 AM PDT PR-536-09, 14 July 2009 – Philippine Ambassador to […]