Asking Questions in the Philippines — Are You Online?

Over the years I have gotten a lot of information, made a lot of friends, acquired a few enemies and even met up with a number of ‘real world’ people from various Philippine-related websites and blogs.

From time to time I have written about a few of them, but rather than go into a litany of  ‘this site does that’ and ‘this guy does so and so’ I thought I would try a little experiment here and see if anyone is interested in learning more about the people behind these online resources.

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

Maybe there is a lot of interest, maybe not.  The easiest way I can think of is throw this offer out and see who is out there ‘catching’.  Below this paragraph is a simple questionnaire.  If you want your blog/web site/internet service/Philippine-related business featured here on PhilFAQS, just cut and paste a copy, into your email, fill in the blanks and mail it back to me at: dave(at)philFAQS(dot)com

In particular, I’d love to see some response from my Filipino readers … I know I have quite a few, I’m grateful for everyone I have, and I notice many are completely silent in the comments.

At the same time I have gotten emails from folks who say, “Can you help me increase my site traffic, build my online presence, etc.”  Well, here’s your chance, to tell me and the other 76,00 plus unique individuals who visit here annually who you are and where your on-line (and real life) destination might be.

—– (Cut Here) —–

1) Your Real Name (If you want me to withhold this from the public, fine, but if you can’t convince me you are areal person, I won’t publish this.  (Hint, paid Philippines backlinkers need not apply))

2) Your Age (approximations are OK, we have readers from 16 to 76 that I know of)

3) Do you earn your main living on-line or do you have a “dirt based’ job, and what is it??

4) When did you start your first blog or website?

5) Why did you start something online?

6) What is your goal? (money, fame, fun, friends)?

7) Have you made any money?

8) Do you have multiple sites/blogs, and why?

9) Total search engine only visits per month?

10) Number of posts on your blog/pages on your site?

11) Main topic/focus of your blog or site?

12) Share a thought or quote that inspires you?

13) What motivates you to continue?

14) Best advice you have for newbies and the “Undecided”?

15) Top 3 of your favorite posts on your site?

16) Who is your online mentor or hero, and why?

17) Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 5 years?

— (Cut Here) —-

How bloggers communicate

Let's Fill In Some Gaps

OK, so that’s a lot of questions, but there are a lot of people here every day who would like to know.  If you want to participate and get links and mention here for your site, but don’t want to answer all these questions, fine, just answer what you feel comfortable with.

I will kick this off next week with my own responses and I’ll put up other responses I receive as quickly as I can.

Hint:  If you are sort of floundering around out there, wondering if the on-line world is for you, answering these questions might help you focus in many ways … and, they are excellent blog post subjects, the main reason I am running this experiment.

If you aren’t a blogger/web entrepreneur, feel free to email me yours questions or leave them in the comments.


  1. dave bennett says

    Hey Dave,

    It is great what you are doing/offering. I am just starting to try and figure out how to make money on line because i am unemployed now and i have no pension or savings. I just recently stated to figure out this facebook thing.

    I started to write for Mindanao Bob’s LIP. He seems to have it together. I am learning from everywhere and everyone i can. The writing thing i really enjoy. I would just do that for the hell of it. But i need to get serious and figure out how to do what all these other people seem to be able to do.

    My wife has a RTW fashion kinda of store going and i am trying to webify that. (“Webify” my new word!) Made a little website. ( thing is all this takes a lot of work, constant writing, updating answering comments getting material. If i can just get my wife to understand! She says “i thought you finished that website” after only like 3 days. Most people who aren’t doing it don’t know how much work it is. A good website should be updated and improved regularly so it is really never done.

    Anyway hope to keep talking to you about this and anything else. If you need me to write some things for you i can.

    If you read my article about the “Dancing Dilly Do” he just got here now and i am so glad been over a week
    so i will go hang out with him. Getting tired. so much time spent on a computer. oh la la. But i love it!


    • says

      @dave bennett (ID 4789): I took a look at the website, Dave. Seems to me you are off to a smashing start. Memo to Babe, “No, he’s not done and you should hope he is never done … constant interface with the public and constant value added to the site is what drives bus9iness …and make people suki’s”

      Suggestions off the top of my head? Go to and follow the prompts to put you business on the map. It’s currently free, Google plans to charge for this in the future, take advantage of that feature now. There seems to only be three other RTW stores in all of Metro Manila, might as well get in there first (or fourth, in this case) 😉

      Put a little “suki coupon” page and make a very simple discount card that readers can print out, bring to the store and get some freebie or discount. Filipinos absolutely LOVE discount coupons.

      Put a simple form right on the from page to collect names an email addresses. Collect an email addy from _everyone_ whom you can get in the store, even yo look. Each visit gets a personal mail from Babe after their visit … she can do this while she’s waiting for business to come n. “Marimng salamat for visiting us, be sure to come to our big sale event next month”, or whatever.

      There’s a warehouse clothing supplier near my house in Mecayuan Bulacan. It’s a huge, ugly industrial-looking warehouse in an industrial park. Remote, ugly, hard to get to … not on a jeepney route, etc. Their deal is, they keep an email ‘bank of about 10,000 addresses. Twice a year they have a clearance sale. My wife will not miss that sale, neither will her pamamkins from the city. Is it a success? Some times it is so busy the guards have to restrict customers from gong into the complex, every street is filled with parking until no one can move. Average sale based on my observation one day when I watched the cash register while I waited in line to pay with my wife? Upwards of P25,000. Families come there 10 and 12 people strong and buy cl0thes for everyone, especially the sale before Christmas. These are people who would never drive into this industrial area on a bet, but when they get their email about the sales? Stand aside, they are coming through 😉

      Most Filipino businesses have not yet realized the power of email marketing … your chance is right in from of you, just don’t copy what every other tiny shop does … kick it up a notch, mostly free, on the web. Hope this gives you a few ideas to go on.

  2. says

    I have to admit, that is my biggest problem too. I have a 9 to 5 job, and when I get home I do have chores to do, as we don’t have a maid. And sometimes when I sit down to write something, I actually fall asleep! LOL! Or sometimes I just feel it is too much mental work to do another legal article or something similar because I just got off that at work! :p On the other hand, I hate to write something just off the top of my head, so I end up setting it aside until I don’t get around to doing it.

    It is sooo much work. :p

    • says

      @Claudette (ID 4790): No one disputes that having a real job, as well as a marriage, cuts into time greatly. My real target is those who have no job, and are desperately casting about trying to make at least as much money as the bote boy who comes by every morning.


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