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    If the lady does day care in her home she can offer a prime service which is in demand and will cost her nothing. The kids she cares for will be engaging in conversation with a native English speaker. Many Filipino parents would use the daycare for this reason alone, and may even be willing to pay a premium price.

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      You are so right, Bob, and I really glossed over the “native English speaker” part. That will be like gold for her. Unless she is like totally burned out on doing daycare, this will be a great opportunity for her .. since she has to have good care for her own brood of 4. According to her hubby, who is the only one I have spoken to, she,the American wife has already been here in the Philippines, knows and gets on Weill with the family, and she’ll already be coming on a permanent visa, the kids already have their Dual citizenship, Philippine passports and such, so all the big hurdles are out of the way for them.

      Native English speaker or not, day care is and under-valued” assets for wives, especially with kids at home already, coming here to the Philippines. It’s well worth looking into. I know in my area, where we are essentially a “bedroom community” for Metro Manila, there are thousands of working mothers stuck in the dilemma of where to find decent child care if they want to continue working at their “city” jobs.

      Something that just comes to mind too … if a person is not adverse to odd hours, there is a big demand for child care during night time hours, since so many people go to work in call centers and BPO’s where they have to work swing and graveyard shifts. “Tita Tillie’s Pre-School” down on the corner typically only takes children during daytime hours. A person who was willing to provide good service in the nighttime hours would be doing a great service, really.

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