All OK, Thanks, But Help Is Certainly Needed

I have had a number of messages of concern .. thanks to everyone from me and Mita. We are all ok, likewise Gia and Ina our two ‘surrogate daughters’ who spent the night alone Saturday wehen the flooding was at it’s peak. Mita and I were stranded in Zambales. Much of Metro Manila is still essentially closed down … no schools and limited shopping because schools and malls are refugee centers.

The local governments and the Philippine Armed Forces are doing a great job. For those who don’t already know, Manila got more rain than New Orleans did in all of hurricane Katrina. The wind was not bad but huge amounts of water fell and just overcame all the paths of escape.

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

here in Marlao we stayed high and dry, although I think at least 12 folks perished along the Marilao river. Mita and I spent part of the day collecting clothes, in the AM we’ll take them to the barangay hall and get a better feel for what else is needed in the town.

For those who want to help, can take secure donations, world-wide. ABS-CBN is one of the major broadcast networks here and they have been working 24-7 to collect and distribute supplies as well as keeping the public informed.

I’ll talk to you again soon.


  1. Paul Thompson says

    Hello Dave;
    Very pleased to learn that you and yours have fared well during your visit to Zambales. Good news was rare these past few days.
    During the flooding in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Hugo, I promised myself never to do that again. A year later I was hit in Florida by Hurricane Andrew, and this week massive amounts of rain.
    We are fine, and our house guests have returned home to clean up their homes and try to salvage what they can. My heart goes out to the unfortunate folks in Mega Manila; no person deserves anything like that. Yet I know they will come back stronger than before, as they have HEART!

  2. says

    Yes, certainly, they will come back, Paul. I was actually pretty interested in the response I saw. Since the Philippines isn’t handicapped by useless ‘make work’ agencies like FEMA and people who spend hours arguing about their political orientation before they can have a bowel movement, things happen much faster here. The military was out in Manila the same afternoon as the rain started … nobody had to see if the president was authorized to call up the National Guard, or ask the supreme court the political party of the involved provincial governors. It’s a small county and it lacks a lot of things but in many ways the US could learn a lot from the Philippines.

  3. Paul Thompson says

    The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps were there to help in Manila Also. When the Airboats came donw the street there was cheering by all. The Philippines Military have done an outstanding job. They were the first to respond!

    • says

      Interesting. Apparently I didn’t watch enough news, because I didn’t see that. My hat is off to all, that’s for sure.

  4. Paul Thompson says

    Wow Dave;
    I’m sitting here downloading Country Music (Dierks Bentley) and bloging at the same time, I just looked out my window and my yard is full of SUNLIGHT, it’s so rare I’m going out side.

    • says

      Yes, what is that strange glowing orb up there in the heavens, a UFO? I must venture forth and take a look 😉

  5. pogidaga says

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for posting the URL for the ABS-CBN foundation website, I want to help but feel kind of helpless way over here in the U.S. I’ll feel a little better once i make a donation. But i guess i’ll have to wait a little since their server is over the bandwidth limit right now. That could be a good thing if the server is being overwhelmed by donors, eh?

    Glad to hear your family is OK. My wife’s family is also OK though my sister-in-law in Antipolo got a few inches of water in the house on Saturday. We’re grateful they didn’t have water up to the rafters like so many others.


    • pogidaga says

      It looks like the ABS-CBN foundation website was overwhelmed and stayed that way. Through the magic of DNS the URL given previously is redirected to From there you can make an online donation to Ondoy relief. I was a bit skeptical, but the ABS-CBN profile on Facebook confirms they made the switch due to high traffic. See the ABS-CBN Facebook profile at for info on making donations by phone or snail mail.

      • says

        Hey thanks a lot for tracking that down. That’s a lesson I have learned the har way myself. When you try to do something online there are only two main outcomes. Either it falls flat and no one shows up, or it takes off like wildfire and your server crashes. Not a lot of middle ground.

        And for folks who don’t want to mess with Multiply, re-directs and such, you can always visit the main site of the International Red Cross in your current country and specify aid for the Philippines.

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