A Treasured Friend

Welcome back to my sometimes co-author, Gia.  If you like her work, please let her know.  I particularly enjoyed publishing this article, because I so often write about some of the personal and family issues involved with moving to the Philippines.  Sometimes we forget, it can hurt both ways ….

Has anyone ever had a friend?  A friend whom you always look forward to asking how are you doing once in a while?  A friend who is so familiar because you have known him for 9 years?  They say someone to trust in is so hard to find nowadays, but not for me.

This friend of mine was a former classmate during our elementary days in my hometown where we both grew up, and again a schoolmate during high school.  We never lost track in updating ourselves with new challenges we faced when we both entered college.

I was enrolled at Philippine Women’s University, and he at CentroEscolar University, universities not far from one another.  He actually was a suitor.

Living in the PhilippinesI treasure our friendship so much that’s why I did not like the idea.  I was afraid that we might just lose our friendship.  And so we remained friends in which he agreed and we both were comfortable with the situation.  I’m glad we’re still close to each other and we are both happy with our choice.  No regrets after all.

One day, while we were talking, he mentioned me about his family migrating to the states.  I was shocked and got sad when he told me that and at the same time got mad at him because he did not tell me about that right away, but then I realized, instead of getting mad, just understand him and respect his decision.

He said that his family have been working on their papers a long time ago, and he just got the courage to tell me that a month before they were to leave.  I did not ask anything much about their migration, what’s important to me is that we keep our promise, to keep in touch with each other.

There are things in this world that always seem to change.  He migrated to the States together with his parents, maybe for advancement, for the future, for a better life.  There may be thousand reasons for them to move.

But this friend of mine, although he’s far away, is like he is just around the corner where we can exchange ideas every now and then.

Knowing what is going on in his world over there and my world over here.  Even though we’re miles away, I believe that he’s still the same guy I’ve known for 9 years – loyal, trustworthy, and supportive.

A friend, who stays in our life, makes our days better.



  1. marje says

    Hi Gia. A thought provoking article. It is good to be able to keep friends for a long time. But it is surprising how some friends when they move abroad loose touch with you. I hope you remain friends for many years and meet again in the future.

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